Classifying weights as tempo

How does this work?

Can you simply follow the under 75% rule? If so, is that 75% of 1RM, or 75% of max reps at a certain weight?

I’m no expert here, but I’d assume that you’d use 75% of your XRM for sets of X.

Meaning you could do singles at 75% 1RM or sets of 10 at 75% 10RM.

You would probably use significantly less than 75% (perhaps no more than 50% for most exercises) because of the nature of weights. Over on elitetrack they have some examples of bodybuilding/general strength recovery type circuits using weights and they recommendations are generally to go pretty light, esp on the lower body stuff.

No. 75% is still very close to the 80% of max lift used to define high intensity. The percentage would have to be much lower.
Why are you thinking of this?

Just a general question.

As I was walking to my room after the last class of the day, I was thinking to my self “What if something was invented that would cause instantaneous recovery after a workout?”. Somehow that led to me thinking if it would be possible to lift weights everyday as long as intensity was varied (I already knew it was possible but was wondering about only dropping to 75% on low days).

You can lift probably 6 days a week if you want but like was mentioned before, I’d keep the weights at maybe 20%-40% not 75% on your “recovery” days.