Citrulline malate ?

Have any sprinters had success with this product ?
It looks promising on paper.

What was the effect you felt ? What dose did you use, when did you take it… etc.

Thanks !

Off topic: Whats an effective Beta Alanine dose ? (also when to take)

Didn’t notice anything from it.

Beta alanine is good. Take 2-5g a day. Dose doesn’t matter too much as long as you are getting at least 2g because it will slowly build-up (more specifically, intramuscular carnosine levels will increase over time) in your system.

do you take it with L-Histidine and other “support” supps or by itself ?

Feel free to recommend more sprinter supps that are worth the $.

Supplements worth the money price:benefit wise and proven (not just theory):

-Beta Alanine

There are a lot of other things that might help, but those are pretty much the things I have personally found to definitely work for basically everyone and the literature tends to support them AND they are cheap to take in adequate doses. I am excluding protein/fish oil/etc. supplementation because I consider that like food.

Anything that is amazingly good is going to be illegal anyway.

Roger that… Seems like i’m going for BA !
Thanks man

The beta alanine that I purchased makes me sick to my stomach whenever I take it. I think my dosing might be a little high ~5g. The itching was to be expected, but at that dose it drives me nuts.

anyone taking the Primaforce brand ? 500g for under 25$ …

Fog let me understand: Does it accumulate in your body like creatine ? If so 2-5g/day may be the “cruise” dose ?
I dont think i’ll have stomach problems, I took it few years ago inside a product called MAN Clout and I was fine… I wasn’t sprinting back then though

I hate the itching feeeling from it. But it does work. CHeck my fav site for good pricing and reviews

Thanks for the site
Any thoughts on Citrulline ?

Yea Its cheap also. I like it. It taste like tang. I say get both and mix them for the ultimate endurance cocktail.

Technically, there has never been found to be a saturation point. By that I mean, the people who were taking BA longer had higher intramuscular levels. There is likely a point where it stops increasing to any significant degree (as it relates to performance). I don’t think you need to load or anything like that. I don’t even pay attention to how much I take. I take 2-5g a day and after a while it is all going to be a wash. The stuff is dirt cheap as it is. If you are worried about price, take 2-3g a day, it will probably be plenty.

This off-season (summer) I have been taking 5-8 grams of citrulline mallate along with 5-10 grams of arginine AKG and 10 grams of creatine monohydrate per day broke up into 2 doses.
I have been doing this mainly for asthetic reasons (like to put on some more muscle in the summer for the beach and well as a photoshoot I recently did for Men’s Exercise magazine) although it may have been helping my strength as well as I recently bench pressed 385 raw (in the gym) which is a 20 pound increase from last summer. My bodyweight since track ended at the begining of june is up approx. 10 pounds as well. 157/159-166/168. The “stack” I have been using is pretty much a homeade NO-Explode if you are familiar with that.

Which performance components do you notice improvements in (weights, SE, tempo, etc…)?


I felt like (and number indicate) I was able to perform higher volumes in my training. While I may have fatigue at a certain level or after a certain number of reps, I feel like I didn’t have that as much. One interesting example I can give is that I started up with depletion push-ups after not having done them in months. I have done them in and out of my training for years (since high school), so I have a good idea of what I am capable of with my 1rm:bodyweight and how fast it will come up. I normally start out anywhere from 40-50 or so (chest touching ground and back up) when I first start and then go up to 70s, 80s, etc. I have never done more than 50 the first time out and this past time I did 65 (though my PR is 92 after a bench workout). Mind you I was not doing any high rep work on bench or any other presses and my 1rm, if anything, is down from where it was last time I was doing these.

So I guess strength endurance, general fitness levels, etc. It is cheap enough that the minor, but significant improvements in performance are worth it to me.

Did it have any effect on max strength or speed?

Thank you.

What are depletion push-ups?


Set 1: failure
Rest 90sec

Set 2: failure
Rest 90sec

Set 3: failure
Rest 90sec

What would depletion pushups help with? General Fitness?

They also help manage weight gain I think. Much like longer SE.