do any of you guys have any circuits to replace tempos in the winter, bb circuits, med circuits, gs circuits, jump circuits - any circuits that u may have used in the past would help?

Try using 30sec on, 30sec off:

  • jumping jacks
  • seal jumps
  • push-ups
  • split jumps
  • step-ups
    Do for 5reps, then do a longer rest and repeat… What about jumping rope?

Also, take a look at this workout .

Anyway, any prolonged dynamic warm-up can serve as tempo workout… just do the drills longer, for more reps, or with shorter pause. Try the following on 20-30m distance back and forth:

  • Arm swings
  • butt kicks
  • carioca
  • Zig-zag jumps
  • lunge walkl

BTW, you know the goal of the workout… recovery, aerobic development, flushing… use your imagination to develop a workout under your circumstances!
Hope it helps!

-band good-mornings
-band zercher squats (loop band around
both feet so its tighter than on the GMs, and hold upper band in crook of elbows)
-one leg hip extensions with plate on legs (lying on back with feet flat on ground and knees bent, extend hips)

  • Iso back extension (“Superman”?)
    -jumping jacks
    -side bends holding that plate
    -mountain climbers
    -iso side bridges
    -iso front bridges
    -band abductor squats (bw squats with band around just below the knee so the abductors must contract. deeper is harder)

Can you describe seal jumps?

I like the idea of a prolonged warm up, as you wouldnt need a full track or field to perform it.

Seal jumps are basically very simmilar to juping jack, instead the arm go in front of the body (clap) and as wide as posible… if done correctly you should feel a good stretch of the pecs.
I have a DVD from Steve Backley, and he uses a prolonged warm-up as aerobic development in GPP period… I got this idea from him! Various skips, arm swings etc

thanks guys for the help. i like all the great ideas.

do u mean 5 sets then take longer rest and repeat?? yes i understand the point of tempo but i would like to develop some work capacity with it also. “Some countries and clubs have serious problems to do tempo workouts outside when there is sub-zero temp and snow. The solution is to do tempo on treadmill, step-ups, exercises in place and sub-max (sub70%) shuttle runs on the floor”. how do u perform your tempo shuttle runs? i know many fb teams perform gassers which are sideline to sideline on a fb field which comes out to about 200yds we have about 35sec to complete the drill and rest for 60sec - i think this could be a type of tempo, what u guys think??

I (only) suggested (as an example) doing 5 reps of 30sec on, 30sec off, then take a longer rest. This is one set. Do couple of sets.
Tempo shuttle run: same as tempo, but instead of doing 100m run straight line (you don’t have a space for that), you can od 3x30m (back and forth). This is NOT done with full speed!!! You can test a max speed on 3x30m shuttle, then again use 70% rule… Keep volume lower than tempo due start/stop/change of direction work. I would NOT suggest the shuttles if your player have a lot of games played and joint stress — no need to pound them more.
Also, try the medball tempo I have outlined: do it little faster and your pulse can go to 180bpm easily…
I think gassers fall into Medium Intensity zone (70-95%).
Try doing a poligon or something on the field: 20yard straight, 10yard, shuffle right, 20 yard straight (back pedal), 20 yard shuffle left, repeat 3x (“pleasant” pace – technical), do 10 T push-ups, 10 split jumps, 10 burpees, repaet… I am just throwing some ideas here! :slight_smile:

To get them in shape (football players), do a tempo workouts (aerobic emphasis, general, recovery), and tactical metabolic conditioning (1-2x/w) simulating work rest (spritns with short rest etc) (anaerobic conditioning)… This depends on the season period etc. I am not familiar with the am. football so I am not saying anything more :slight_smile:
Take a look at:

John Taylor. Basketball: Applying Time Motion Data to Conditioning. National Strength & Conditioning Association
Volume 25, Number 2, pages 57–64

JohnTaylor. A Tactical Metabolic Training Model for Collegiate Basketball. National Strength and Conditioning Association
Volume 26, Number 5, pages 22-29

Steven Scott Plisk. Anaerobic Metabolic Conditioning: A brief review of theory, strategy and Practical Applycation. Journal of applyed sport science research. 1991. Volume 5, Number 1, pp. 22-34.

Steven Plisk, Vern Gambetta. Tactical Metabolic TRaining: Part 1. Strenght and conditioning. April, 1997.

I am also a newby on this field, and I am also seeking the appropriat ratios of aerobic conditioning (tempo) and anerobic conditioning (metabolic training) for various sports and for various phases of yearly cycle and how to adress them, how to progress etc. As allways, I must say that I don’t belive in that aerobic/anaerobic classification… more on general (preparatory) and specific… but have your own approach/opinion :slight_smile:
Hope it helps.

if u look at the gassers how do they fall in med intensity, u r running 200yds in 35-37 sec. its not even close to a full sprint.

with the above workout would that be the only thing you do or would u do hurdles, core etc

Depends on the speed of the athlete, but yes, you may be right:
100m run = 12sec
75% = 16sec

200m straight (tempo) = 32sec (33)
200m shuffles (side line - side line: how much is that?in m) = 35-37sec???

The best solution is to do gassers with full speed. Measure how long does it takes. Then split with .7 to get tempo time.

Depends on the goal of the workout…
If it is general work-capacity/recovery development, I would do a long and “smooth” warm-up, overs-and-unders, core work (try CF medball workout) and I would do the drills for tempo purposes. A nice stretch later, maybe a foam rolling (befor a stretch) and good shower…

…He mentioned that he used a circuit, but never wrote what’s in it

Try using 30sec on, 30sec off:

  • jumping jacks
  • seal jumps
  • push-ups
  • split jumps
  • step-ups

sounds very famliar to john davies stuff:

jumping jacks
shuffle spilts
mout climbers

perform for 30sec with constant movements.

Here is a body-weight circuit that Ive used a lot

Sample General Strength Circuit:
(Great for group/team training sessions)

Split squats – 10 each leg
Jog 50 yards
Rotational push-ups – 8 each way
Jog 50 yards
Bicycles – 1x30
Jog 50 yards
Burpees – 1x10
Jog 50 yards
Military push-ups – 1x10
Jog 50 yards
Russian twists – 1x25
Jog 50 yards
Backwards lunges – 10-each leg
Jog 50 yards
Lateral lunges – 10 each leg
Jog 50 yards
Reverse crunches – 1x20
Jog 50 yards
1 Leg squats – 10 each leg

Rest 3 minutes and repeat circuit.

thanks alot man, how many times did u perform the circuit and what else did you do that day?

I also did the 10x100yds@75% w/30 sec rest, on grass before I did that circuit.