Chris6878's journal.

4/1 I was sore as shit today. So sore I flet like crap overall. I was also very tired all day. I guess the workout yesterday really mashed me up. Everything from my abs to my feet hurt. I had to drag myself to the track for tempo

5x100, 6x150
I didnt time. I jut took a short rest breaks.

Probably gonna do another tempo tomorrow.

Woke up just ass sore as yesterday. My massage got cancelled yesterday, and man to I really need it. Had to skip the spec end workout. Did another extra ginger tempo. 11x100. Man Sunday really took a toll on my body. I haven’t been this sore all season

this is my 3rd day of tempo because of soreness in legs. I haven’t been this sore all season. I cant get in to a therapist until Saturday. the good news is after todays workout I felt a lil better.
5x100 stretch
2x5x100 push up situps in between runs

90sec rests! I can only dream :slight_smile:
My last 200m workout was ten x 200m in 36-37sec with 100m jog rec in 40sec
Was more high end cardio with a touch of la+

However, I no longer do sprint training :slight_smile:

thats tough also. Why are you not training anymore?

no running just weight room
back and abs
pullups overhand-6,6 20pounds 5,5 30pounds 4,4 40 pounds
3x10 underhand

various ab exercises

Im currently training for 3km - 10km events.
The atmosphere doing these events is far greater around here, plus, there is prize $$…

To go from a sprinter to a looooooong distance runner is amazing. I couldn’t do it. I hate running a mile. How has your body changed since becoming a distance guy

today I hit the gym at 10 AM because I didn’t know if the rain would let up
3x5 oh squat. just the bar
5x5x285 dead lift. I had more lifts but I stopped there just incase For the track workout out

Hit track at 630pm
3x10 bs, 3x30 bs
2x60m 20m Fast easy. I ran 7.3 on both runs. much slower than my last few 60m runs
1x120m 13.6 I ran the exact same time the last time I ran a 120. This time it was very easy. The last time I was dizzy and tired. THis time I was able to turn around and walk back
5x5 hurdle hops.
THe last time I did this same practice I cramped up during the hurdle hops.

I’ve originally came from a Middle distance performance standpoint.
So i can run either way (sort of…)

Back when i was doing pure sprinting - bodyweight was 80kg - could squat around 200kg - Bench around 140kg.
Now - bodyweight 69-70kg (body fat = what’s that?? non existant…) Squat = only bodyweight during running circuits - Bench = only push ups during running circuits, but, last time i gave bench a go, 80kg… And i did get up to 26 chin ups a couple of months ago. - I’m a Personal Trainer by trade - and i do a Lot of dumbbell and cable work - eg, Standing Cable presses - It’s like a standing dumbbell bench press, but with cables - I can do as many reps on 13 plates a side (??kg) as a guy who can bench well over 100kg

I’m probably the strongest 10km runner around… (well, that can run under 35min for 10k)

So which body type do you like the best. THe sprinter or distance

Good Q.
I like the sprinters look more - but, I Love feeling the way a distance guy does More!
At my peak 800 form - I was way down to 59kg… a wee bit too light…
So, at 69/70kg now, I’m fairly happy - I would love to hit the weights, but i’ll hit 75kg pretty quickly - which won’t help my distance goals

Sprinting used to wipe my CNS reserves - the day after a Speed session, it would almost feel like Depression… (i don’t miss this feeling)

Distance hurt for a couple of years, in a different way, mostly in the legs - I had to learn to loosen them up and strengthen to withstand longer runs.
I can’t do the 100mile weeks like Top coaches recommend - I don’t know how they do it.
Two different occasions, i’ve hit 100km weeks for 1 week (leading up, not just bam…) Man it was hard.
I guess it takes a few yrs? I might give it another go soon??

If i could re-train myself when i was say 18 knowing what i know now… (i’m 37 now)

I just looked up the day at Masters Nationals - I should have gone - Could have snagged a few medals for sure

Woke up and was still sore from friday. Hams and lo back. I felt about 70%
2x20 isorobic
3x10 blocks isorobic
2x10 blocks
2x40 blocks
4x20 fly 30 run up. I ran the same times as last week 2.09-2.03. I felt better last week so I guess i should be ok with the times
1x120. I only did just to run with partner. ran 13.6 again. Atleast this time I know I slowed down the last 20 after my partner ran into me and hit my arm.

sq 5x5x225
bench 3x5x225
sl back ext 2x5 on each leg.

Im hoping im not too terrible sore this week like last week.

4/8 tempo
5x100 warmup then drills
2x5x100 non stop with situps inbetween
massage that night

Gym in the AM
all back and abs
2x10 pull ups
5x5x45 pullups
2x10 underhand pull ups

Couldnt hit the track until 7pm I felt decent
3x10 bs, 1x30 bs felt a little clumsy with the starts today
1x300 split 250,50. I felt slow and missed the 250 time. Then I ran 80 instead of 50 because I couldnt see my mark
1x150 19 secs. Damn that was slow. I ran 100 curve then 50 straight. Im definitly a terrible curve runner
1x100 11.24 I was able to get into a good relaxation phase the last 30 meters. I couldve had a much better first 20

easy tempo 10x100 abs

am gym
bench 2x5x205, 3x5x225
pull downs behind neck 3x8
rows 3x6
pull ups over and under 2x10

big circuit tonight

not to try and move the sprinter vs. distance body type debate off topic, but I am curious about the above quote. Was it only HI sprinting that did this to you, or HI training in general (ie. weightlifting, plyos, etc)? And have you been experiencing “runner’s high” since switching?

My roommate from my freshman year of college actually exhibited withdrawal symptoms when he was forced to take a week off from distance running in between xc and indoor (couldn’t eat or sleep, was so anxious he was constantly freaking out and just in general looked like a corpse; all symptoms gone after two days of running again).

In my experience, I’m not sure about pure speedwork, but post-resistance training and post-controlled speedwork/intensive tempo I definitely feel a “high” that carries into the next day, and the day after offdays is when I’ll feel the depression-like feelings (as opposed to after speedwork days). Distance running (did a year or so of xc in early high school) never really seemed to do the trick for me. Almost like I feel a boost from the intense CNS stimulus whereas you seem to have felt a dip

I usually feel like crap before a tempo session, especially if I did a speed the day before. During the tempo once I get warm I feel great most of the time. THe hours after an intense speed and gym workout I do find myself sometimes feeling so tired that im sad. Ill sit on the counch and frown for no apparent reason.

4/12 speed end
1x10,20,30,60 from blocks
2x120 standing. 12.88,13.06 Legs felt decent. I had a lil bit of wind on the runs but im happy to finally dip under 13. I was spent after the last 120. I had to crawl to the weight room
Deads-5x225, 4x5x275
20 depth jumps
3x5 ghr.
I probably couldve gone heavier on the deads but when I first began I was still beat from the runs. I felt better by the end.

tempo 20x100 grass