Chris6878's journal.

3/26 doing this recovery week I’m only hitting the weight room once. Rest will be track/tempo work.
2x500 split runs. 300,200 48,33 seconds
First set took 1:40 rest between 3&2.
Sec set. 10 min break. Ran 53,34 secs with 2:15 rest.
The last set was a killer. Plus the gale force winds didn’t help either.
No spikes done in flats.
Abs tonight.

Are the 2x500 split runs tempo? With a 22.2 200m from last week, a 33-34s 200 is definitely in tempo range, and the 48-53 is on the tempo border, although that wind doesn’t help at all lol. What’s the planned progression with the 2x500 split runs?

Honestly today I felt good and I decided to test my fitness level. IVe been doing split runs all season and I never planned to progress pass 300M. I started the season with 2x6x50 then 2x3x100 then 2x2x150 then 2x200,100. Im just now planning to do 2x250,50 starting this cycle. I started the runs on grass then progressed to the track once I started the 150’s. on grass in cleats and spikes on track.

Also since im in a recovery week I wanted to do something tough that wouldn’t make me sore or drain the cns much. I may just keep the 500m split runs for recovery weeks and continue with the 250,50. In may I think im gonna drop the split runs and make my spec end days 2x200.

So yes today’s session was a tempo.

Weight room
Bp 5x5x215. Lil weak today. I can usually do 5 sets of 225. I did one set today and had to drop to 215
5x5 pull up with 10 pounds
5x5 pull down

How hard are the 5x5 pullups with +10lbs? How wide is the grip of your pull-ups? Asking out of curiosity because unless you’re pretty heavy, I’d expect someone to be able to do more added weight with their pullups if they can also 22.X and bench 5x5x225lbs. Could just me though.

No - you are correct… I don’t even use 10lbs for sets of 10-15. Could be an easy inseason session.

Wasn’t too difficult. I usually do 3x10. I was just trying a different approach. I went pretty wide and I generally go chest to bar. Plus I’m still a recovery week until Sunday.

Ran with my highschool athletes.
3x10 starts
20,30m starts
2x60 standing. Float last 20. I ran 6.9,6.76 for the 60.
1x120 13.6. I died out the last 15. I’m thinking the last 60 took a lot out.
Tried to do my hurdle hops but I cramped in my calf on the second set. I called it a day. I took some creatin, but I don’t think I got enough water in my system.

No weights. Easy tempo tomorrow.
did the classic 6x200 tempo today. the combo of hellafied winds and sore hammies made it tougher than it already was.
6x2 90 sec rest. 37,34,33,38,43,43. the last two I was done. I also kept my warmups on.

Whoa. I’ve tried incorporating the 6x200 a few times with my guys, and I like giving them 2min. Think you could have finished it with 2min instead of 90sec?

YEa it would have been a lil easier. The second to last one was smack into the wind which took all I had left and the last was just a struggle to home plate. lol. But I think the wind runs were taking too much

After watching the video with carl doin em I figured I could do that even if it would be slower. guess I was wrong

Yeah at a glance 6x200m @ ~35sec w/ 90sec doesn’t look all that hard for at 22 guy. :slight_smile:

3/30 off, did dep pushups and abs
3/31 first day of fly’s. Forgot to bring my isorobic exerciser.
5x10 bs 3x40 bs
4x20m fly with 30m run up. 2.1,2.01,2.09,2.02. felt good for my first day. Need to drop those times
1x60 standing. 6.72.

Doing a maintenance phase on the weights.
3x10 overhead squats with bar
5x5x225 sq. I havent squated since december. I can go heavier but im not trying to induce soreness.
2x8x185 hip thrusts
2x5 each leg single leg back ext with 45.

Felt like a good workout today.

4/1 I was sore as shit today. So sore I flet like crap overall. I was also very tired all day. I guess the workout yesterday really mashed me up. Everything from my abs to my feet hurt. I had to drag myself to the track for tempo

5x100, 6x150
I didnt time. I jut took a short rest breaks.

Probably gonna do another tempo tomorrow.

Woke up just ass sore as yesterday. My massage got cancelled yesterday, and man to I really need it. Had to skip the spec end workout. Did another extra ginger tempo. 11x100. Man Sunday really took a toll on my body. I haven’t been this sore all season

this is my 3rd day of tempo because of soreness in legs. I haven’t been this sore all season. I cant get in to a therapist until Saturday. the good news is after todays workout I felt a lil better.
5x100 stretch
2x5x100 push up situps in between runs

90sec rests! I can only dream :slight_smile:
My last 200m workout was ten x 200m in 36-37sec with 100m jog rec in 40sec
Was more high end cardio with a touch of la+

However, I no longer do sprint training :slight_smile:

thats tough also. Why are you not training anymore?

no running just weight room
back and abs
pullups overhand-6,6 20pounds 5,5 30pounds 4,4 40 pounds
3x10 underhand

various ab exercises

Im currently training for 3km - 10km events.
The atmosphere doing these events is far greater around here, plus, there is prize $$…