Chris6878's journal.

2x30 bs
60,80,120 standing
3x sand pit jumps

weight room
pclean 3x135 3x185, 3x2x225
squat 2x4x315

felt good today.

Yea I was surprised I got to 38 on the last set. I started cramping in my tri’s


warmup and stretch

2x10 2x20 bs shakeout
2x150 cool down and stretch.

I did this workout cause I have to go to my parents house to fix there pc. I then have to head to orlando on saturday to run. So i will be in the car for 2 roadtrips. wanted to make sure im loose. I was a lil tight before i worked out today. I felt great after.

You racing this saturday?

yep ucf. you running

Damn it man. Another disapointing meet. I ran the same time as last meet 11.3. I felt great. I dont remember much from the race. I felt I got good knee lift, but shit Am I getting old? This shit is embarrising. I got old coaches that used to see me when i was running fast now asking me what happened you should be pro by now. I got young cats I used to blow up now blowing me up. They say the same thing “what happened”. lol

Im taking 3 weeks off to train. Im gonna hit a max strength block. I am also gonna bang out some intensive tempo work along with some flys and alot of work in between 60-150 meters. Gonna kill plyos and med ball.

11.3 with 2.4 tailwind is worst then last week but at least your 200 is better. The last thing you need right now is a max strength block.

well that wind was in my face out the blocks but I guess it was swirling. either way its a slow time.

wnated to run today, but I have a cold. I felt it comming on last week before the meet. I didnt want to admit I was sick, but it has gotten a little worse. Im gonna run tommorrow .Just some tempo work.

Did some tempo just to get my legs back
6x200 walk back across the field. I ran them in my sweats. on the 5 and 6 rep i had to take a few more minutes rest.I was beat up.My walmart stop watch missed most of the times but i ran 27 on the 1s rep and 30 on the 3rd rep and 35 on the last.

weight room
bp 5,5,4,3,3,3 first 2 were warmup sets/ 225,245,245,245
rows 8,7,6
pull ups 3x10


2x10 2x30 bs
I caught a cramp on the last rep in my calf. The cold is still affecting me I guess. Felt good on the first 2 reps. I was tired after the second. I took 6min rest in between the first 2 and 13 min to the 3rd. The final rep I took 6. I wasnt too tired but I guess the cramp says different.

overhead med x8
depth jumpsx5
sand pit jumps 3sets

weight room-
squats 65444 first two sets warmup with 225 then 315,345,370
good morning-3x10x135

A hard head make a soft behind, you are running slow as dirt and still wanna do max strength. I bet $100 that CF would disagree with that nonsense.

3x4 is max stregth. lol shit felt pretty light to me. The only reason i hadn’t been squatting that heavy was because of cleans beforehand and meet tapering.

Too much vol/load to allow your body to adapt to the speed endurance work, this is why CF only used 2x6 etc outdoors. I see you are chasing weight room numbers vs track times. Goodluck.

ill be doing 2x6 at 70-75% next week.

That may be too heavy, 70-75% for 6reps could be a 100% effort.

felt good today 4/5
80,60,40,20 bs
5x10 hurdle hops
2x5 med ball throws

weight room
jump squats 5x8x45
lunge 3x6x45
squat 2x6x225

When are you racing?

not till sat afternoon like 5. I plan on doing tempo for the rest of the week. no spikes. I may do some cleans on wednesday. I should be getting some therapy. I thought you was coming down.