Chris6878's journal.

9/14 tempo

track day
We had to back off of what was planned today because we were both beat up. My partner had to stop early because of low energy levels and sore legs.

4x10m-Push up position
4x20m-Push up position
3x20m-High Start position
1 set-4x20m (Fast-easy-fast) My partner was done after the first one of these. We had planned to do 2 sets.

Med ball supermans x5
overhead throws x5
hurdle hops 3x5

I was kaput after that. couldnt hit the weights.

Felt ok. Inbetween sets of the 100 I did some stretches.

just looking over your gpp for this year and its good to see your progressing well! have you just done hills throughout the whole 7 weeks as your high intensity days? also are you going to implement plyos into your program at any point this season?

I did about 4-5 weeks of hills. I stopped because my partner had knee issues. Im gonna start to really hit the plyos starting next week. I definitly feel a miliion times stronger and faster than last year. Im hoping for some big things this year.

your p.b is around 10.3-4 if im right? hopefully shave a good few seconds off that this season ! what plyo’s will you be doing? i think im gonna introduce plyo’s into my training next week also but im unsure of what are the best ones. I have just started with hurdle jumps but really need to bring in some more horizontal jumps as my acceleration phase around 30-40m is really below average!

Well Im also gonna do some hurdle hops. I like doing standing sand pit jumps also. This is were you stand at the end of the pit and broad jump until you are out the pit. I usually take 3 hops to get out. I have been close to two. I also will be doing alot or platform jumps from the floor and
squat jumps, split jumps, bounding maybe (im not good at it), lateral hurdles, and depth jumps. I want get a good amount in this year.

Why so many different jumps?

Great workout. Felt alil tight at the start then I started to get loose.
4x20 push up
4x20 Standing
2x4x20 easy fast easy, fast easy fast
1x50 fast 20 maintain 30
med ball
6xoverhead,6xsquat throw, 4x single double and triple throws

pclean 4x5 135 bar hurts my wrist
r deads 3x8x185
squats 4x4 275,325,375,375
deads 4x4 315,315, 365,365

I also hit the sauna and stretched.

Damn shit load of volume. 375 for 4x4 isn’t bad, you must be squatting mid to high 400’s? I see you are doing a ton of deadlifts.

Im not gonna do all those jumps in one session. I was just giving him some different ideas. I will probably us 5- 6 different jumps. all depends on what I have available.

I see, still don’t see the point in doing that many jumps.

I will adjust the jumps depending on how I feel.
Yea I cant wait to get into the real max strength to see were my squats are. Deadlifts are my favorite excercises. I will probabaly drop them at the beginning of outdoor season.

Lil sore from all the leg work from day before
bench 5,5,4,4 185,185,225,225
pull down, shoulder press, rows.

It feels good to split the weights up. less time in da weight room

I did some light runs today. Just to loosen up for the next sprint day
2x100 runs with med ball throws
1x300 nice and easy

Had a good workout
4x20 push up
4x20 Standing
2x4x20 easy fast easy, fast easy fast
1x50 fast 20 maintain 30
med ball
5x superman, 5x overhead, 3 sets of sandpit jumps. I jumped out the pit in 3 jumps. usually takes me a month before I can do that.

pclean 4x5 135,185,185,205
squat 5,5,4,4 275,315,365,385
good mornings
push press 3 sets

Just hit the weights and the hot tub. I did some contrasting between the hot tub and the pool

Incline 5,5,4,4 185,185,205,205
pull down-10,10,8,8
seat row

9/25 Started feelin cold symptoms the day before, but I decided to try to get my workout in.
2x4x60m first set 7.1,6.97,6.91,6.93. Felt bad on each rep. took 6 minutes in-between and couldn’t recover.
second set got worse-7.3,7.2,7.4,7.6 struggled through all of them. Cold was killin my recovery. I decided to forgo the rest of the workout.
After the workout I discovered that we had done the workout wrong. we did all out 60’s instead of 30m hard 30m maintain. Last time I listen to my partner about a workout.

what was the intended work out 4x4x60?

It was 2x4x60 but we were supposed to to hard 30m and maintain 30m. We just went all out on each.