Chris30 Journal Part 2

I have decided retirement from running doesn’t sit well with me :slight_smile:

Going to train for the 200/400 following a KitKat style template.

Until the snow melts and the temp climbs above the zero mark I am going to be training indoors. Weights, intervals on the treadmill, circuits etc. focus on strength endurance in the weight room.

When the weather warms up I am starting the following template:

(due to work constraints two of the more intense days will be on Sat and Sun)

Here it is :slight_smile:

1 - Max V, Accel, Plyos

2 - Ext tempo/circuit

3 - Rest

4 - Short Hills/plyos

5 - Weights/core

6 - Ext Tempo

7 - Rest

  1. Max V, accel, plyos
    1 km jog
    Drills (A’s and running As)
    4 x 50 strides
    3 x 50 accels
    4 x flying 20’s
    4 x 30s from blocks
    3 x hurdle hops

Ext tempo/circuit
10 x 100
3 x (pushups, situps, floppy fish)


2 x 5 x 60 meter hills (walkback recovery)
4 x 20 meter alt leg bounds
5 x 100 strides

3 sets squats
3 sets SLDL
3 sets bench
3 sets chins
3 x 15 second running A’s with 30 seconds recovery

Ext Tempo
10 x 120m


Age: 31
Current bodyweight: 195 pounds
Height 6 feet
100m goal: 11.XX FAT
200m Goal: 23.XX FAT
400m Goal: 54.XX FAT

YES!!! I knew you couldn’t stay away… :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent job chris keep up the work. i should be running in a couple of 400m meets in a months time so ill be following ur sessions intensively :slight_smile:
the toughest session i find out of ur whole template is the power session where u perform 6x200s. apparently my coach introduced that session in my training every monday as of now but what i couldnt understand was the amounts of lactic acid that flooded my leg after my third rep. instead i had to split the wokout into two sets to allo for a full recovery so my running form wouldnt deteriorate. how exactly should one target such a session, as in to allow for the lactic acid accumulation in the muscles? should i move up to higher distances or just hold on to what im doing until i get good at it?

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

From what I gather you want to set the back half of the 400 target pace for your power runs.

For example if you are running say 23.00 flat for a PB in the 200 you’ll want to go through the first 200 in the 400m race in ~24.0-24.3 seconds. The second 200 will be ~2 seconds slower. So approx 26-26.3 for a target of 50 flat in the 400m.

Training the power reps (6 x 200) you’ll want to try and run the reps in that target time zone. If you can’t complete it you’ll need to adjust other aspects of your training. (increase tempo/pool etc to help your cardio) Extend some more base work (hills, circuits etc) or adjust the sessions so you go through a little slower and progressively increase the speed after each micro.

It is also a good idea to rotate the long hill work so that you perform 300’s + 150s every couple of weeks and come back to the hills for a fitness “top up” when necessary.

I have found KitKat’s advice EXTREMELY helpful.

My short term goal for this year is to go through in 25.5 and 27 seconds for a 400m time of 52-53 seconds.

I’ll be thrilled with anything in the 54 range however :slight_smile:


Not a bad workout tonight :slight_smile:

Diet: decent (4 meals decently placed plus protein bar)
Sleep: poor (3 -4 hours, still recovering from jetlag)
hydration: poor (couple of muscle cramps) still dried out from travelling

I have hit legs and upper body pretty hard over the past 3 days. Today was more of a flushing workout

10 intervals on the treadmill alternating 12mph for 30 seconds and 4-6mph walk/jog for 30 seconds (Incline at 3)
5 sets chins (6 reps) with 40 seconds rest between sets
4 sets rows
6 intervals on the treadmill, again 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off at 12mph

I was going to some shoulder complex as well (standing shoulder press, push press) but was too sore from the other upper body work.

Can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can get on the track and hit the main template! This is more of an accumulation phase until the weather gets reasonable.



Treadmill 10 minutes with several intervals
4 sets legpress (540 pounds) 12 reps
5 sets SLDLs 185 for 10 reps
3 sets front squats (205 for triples)
2 x ham curl, calf raise

Good workout, little tired still from jetlag but getting better.

weigh 194 now, starting to get leaner again :slight_smile:

day off today.

It’s going to -3 on Friday. Maybe I can get a run in outdoors :slight_smile:

Good workout tonight. :slight_smile:

Did longer intervals on the treadmill tonight.

12mph incline 1.0
5 x 60 seconds with 40 seconds jog in between. Felt GREAT!

4 sets bench
4 x (bicep curls, tripcep extension)
3 sets hanging leg raise
4 x 12 med ball throws


Headed out with a few friends last night and had an awesome time :smiley:

Little tired and hung over so no workout today. Going to rest up for tomorrow :slight_smile:


Had a couple good workouts this week :slight_smile:

Still indoors on the treadmill till it warms up.

hit legs/core twice, upper body once with varying intensity treadmill work.


Training is going well. intervals and weights last night. Just been too busy with work and other stuff to fill in all the details.

Been consistent 4 days a week. Down to 194 now and feeling pretty good.

weather has been warmer lately which is a great sign. Can’t wait to get outside and run!


ps- sold my racecar last week and bought a vette. It’s an AWESOME car!

Good workout week. 2 speed/weight sessions, 2 interval sessions and 2 core/circuit.


this weekend:

Sat intervals and legs
15 minutes on the treadmill.
60 seconds at 12 mph then jogging at 7mph for 60 seconds repeat

5 sets leg press (540 for 10 reps)
5 sets SLDLs (185 for 10 reps)

Sunday - upper body weights
10 minutes on treadmill (hams were killing me) :slight_smile:
5 sets bench
4 sets armcurls/running arms
4 sets dips

Down to 192 pounds now. Getting pretty fit :slight_smile:


workouts have been great. Havent had much time to post. Got dumped with 6 inches of snow last night so my plans for running outside are pushed back again.


treadmill (intervals)
6 x 60 seconds at 12mph with 6mph jog in between for 90 seconds

4 sets leg press 10-12 reps (540 pounds)
3 sets lunges with 30 pound dumbells (12 steps each set)
3 sets seated ham curl (160)
4 sets SLDLs (155)
3 sets chins (10 reps)
3 sets seated rows (140 for 10)
3 sets calf raise (255 for 10)
4 sets dumbel curl (30s with strict form)
3 sets ham curls (lying - 100 pounds for 10)
5 minutes on bike cooldown

My training capacity is going way up. Bodyweight is now 192 pounds.

Cant wait for the snow to melt!


excellent lifting session, i see ur gradually building up on volume and intensity, good job! when the weather permits, all u would need to do is to transfer what uve done with the weights and make it make sense on the track, and from ur experience should take no time!
All the best man

Thanks Komy,

Looking forward to running with a group this spring as well. (outdoor group starts in April) and trains on a track not too far away from me.


easy recovery workout tonight

20 minute fartlek on treadmill
5 sets med ball incline situps
4 sets hanging leg raise

training is still going well. Still waiting for the snow to melt though :slight_smile:

Have hit both legs and upper body several times over the past two weeks.

come on spring!! :smiley:

Getting excited about getting on the track again!!

Haven’t felt this hungry to run in YEARS!

Made some diet and sleep changes and feel a LOT better. Getting four sessions in a week now.

When GPP starts (late march, early April) I’ll be doing the following basic format

1 Power (6 x 200m with 3 minutes - target 26 seconds)
2 weights
3 tempo/core/active rest
4 Speed (accel and Max X)
5 weights
6 tempo/core/active rest
7 Rest

Every third micro I’ll sub in hill work for the GPP.

With my schedule speed and weights on the same day is impossible but I’ll be watching things closely.

I am REALLY looking forward to getting back on the track!


big workout tonight.

Intervals on the treadmill to start
2 x 45 at 12mph 45 second walk in between
3 x 30 at 12mph 60 second walk in between

leg press: 600pds for 12 reps
3 sets lungewalk: 50 pound dumbell each hand lungewalked for 10 paces
3 sets explosive calf raise (220 pounds)
3 sets pulldowns (150 for 12)
3 sets seated rows (120 for 12)
3 sets SLDLs (185 for 10)
5 minutes cooldown on treadmill and then 10 minutes of stretching

Feeling strong lately :slight_smile: Also when running I am feeling a LOT more dynamic. Hope this continues when I start GPP :smiley: