chris carters fast program

That’s too bad.You know they make rinks that you can skate on!!!

The treadmill at The Ohio State University is a hockey skating treadmill, which has nothing to do with any of the sports except Hockey.

Also, Ted Ginn’s father has no say in what type of training that they offer at OSU.

I have a kid that I work with that just got back from the fast program (WR in football) and the IMG Academy (for basketball) in florida. He likes the position-specific work and the fact that he gets to work out with some really great athletes. But we did discuss the use of the treadmill and he felt that it caused a balance/overstriding issue. Just his personal opinion, not mine. There are worse things high school athletes could be doing. I have another kid that I work with whose coach won’t let them 1-RM for safety, but doesn’t teach technique (At All!!). WTF?