chris carters fast program

anyone recommend this program for gaining speed,qickness and agility for basketball…i have a case of the slows… :frowning:

Have you read around this site? Just curious…

Chris carter was not fast at all.

Read the site: search for stuff by Xlr8 using the search funtion above and buy the Charlie Francis Training System from the store.

You don’t catch as many touchdowns as CC without have some speed! But fat kids running on treadmills or getting pulled by bungie cords doesn’t work that well. As for costs…

I was actually looking into going down there from the end of may til late july to build upon my football skills and kind of get my name out there amoung some of the NFL guys, he has a pretty impressive list of clients. I’d like to see how I compare. I can only imagine how much it must cost…

They use the Frappier Accel program (treadmill), which you can look up more info on this site. If you do not have an alternative than they are better than nothing, but not really recommended.

They work the core, flexibility and plyos which is good, but the treadmill really does not offer real speed work, since you can not run all out. Also it is very awkward.

Have you ever used the treadmill?

YES, I have used it at Chris Carter’s Fast Track in Boca Raton, why? Remember this is a specific question and I am specifically referring to the way that Chris Carter’s Fast Track uses it, not in general.

The treadmill doesn’t feel awkward when I use it, but i’m not a fat kid getting pulled by bungie cords! Go ahead and do a search about the Frappier system on this site, because we all know that this site is the premiere authority on the science behind the Frappier system! As for the cost, how much does a personal trainer cost? Or better yet, how much does a competent personal trainer/ coach charge for quality training?

How about actual skills being developed?? How are they in that department???

I dont know any top coches that use it or any really fast runners either. I am just curious on how it worked out for you. The treadmill is a touchy subject for some…

He caught touchdowns cause he was crafty and had outrageous hands. His speed, well , he had none. he is the Last person i want training me on how to get faster. It obviously didnt work for him.
I cant see anyone getting a quality speed workoout on a treadmill. I hate jogging on treadmills much less trying to sprint on one. Hit the track for you speed work. As for running routes, catching and other drills he might have a good program.

the overall program is not bad… i really like it when i did it about 2yrs ago…

[FONT=Arial Black]I used the Frappier treadmill in MN when I was training for track, and it absolutely did wonders for me. Now, understand that I was training directly for the sport which I was participating in. It really was SPP that I developed, which I was faster on my top end. If your training for track, I recommend it, basketball…I don’t know, I do know that there are a few collegiate school that have the treadmills, Ohio State, Stanford, Cornell, so I would contact those schools and see what they say

Good hands need to be open and I don’t buy the crafty part but realize he was not a burner. I have watched him and randy train in Boca years ago and he had great acceleration that was clean and athletic.

He and Jerry Rice are not fast compared to most other receivers or cornerbacks that have played in the NFL. That is just a fact. Anyone who has ever played DB or WR knows that a lot more than linear speed goes into getting open. As a CB, if I could read where you’re going I could play you no matter how fast you are. I don’t know if I would call it crafty, I would say he’s one of the best route runners of all-time. It is no coincidence that he and Jerry Rice are known for their incredible offseason training regimen. They had to run perfect routes or they wouldn’t get open.

Stanford does not have a high speed treadmill. They have great coaches with extremly hard working athletes and quality training programs.

Niether does Ohio State…They may own one bt they definitely don’t have their athletes use it…Trust me, I have a friend who plays football over there and they definitely don’t do that…Ted Ginn’s father wouldn’t have it!

Well I guarantee Cornell has one because my friend and his agent were the main reason they got it. He played on the Men’s Ice hockey team.