Choosing Spikes For the 100m?

Hi i’m about to buy some spikes for the 100m event next weekend and i have a question. My coach says that the shoes should fit very tighly to your feet, but i think i’ve read on the internet that when buying spikes, they should be a size larger than what you normally buy shoes with. SO if you wear a size 10, you should buy a pair of track shoes in size 11.
Which one is true?

I definitely wouldn’t buy a size bigger. It needs to be compact on your foot but not totally compact where your toe hits the top of the shoe it needs to be just right. But its morep ersonal preference than anything else.

I think its not a big deal. Just like any other shoes you buy. You go to the store and you check the size. If it FEELS good then fine. If not then till him one up or one down and recheck. Nothing automatic I think. But then there is another important question. There are two main types of spikes. Ones that are that sort of Cristmas tree spikes. And there are another that are the normal pin spikes. I’ve got both and like any other spike you can attach any. On which surface do we use which??? Or does it not depend on the Surface??? I’ve always wondered which should we use. The tree kind seems to get me run faster times, even though it doesn’t feel so comfortable. While the normal pin ones feel comfortable but then I still don’t get that feel of pull that I feel with the tree ones. !!

I think you misinterpret what the internet sights say about shoe size being larger than what you normally wear. Sights like eastbay are saying that the spike shoe size fit larger than what the size states on the shoe. Say that spike you are looking for is a size 10, it will probably fit like a size 10.5 because it states that it fits larger than its stated size. Also different companies have different feel and fit in sizes. One company’s size 9 might fit like another company’s size 10 and while another might fit like a size 8.