Chiro or Muscle Adjustments

If you have 2 options:

Chiropractic treatment


Muscle adjustment work(realignment of the spine and hips through muscular contractions and stretching)

What is the best? I think that by using a chiropractor your body is more suseptible to getting out of alignment. Anybody have experience with both? I used to go to the muscle adjustment guy but I haven’t seen him in years. Now I see the chiro once every few weeks and I think he’s pulling the wool over my eyes…

I see a ART chiro that is downtown vancouver. She is very good. She knows her stuff, and will no BS you shell just fix any problems. I highly recommend her, she works the seahawks, bc lions and some well known track athletes.

Where at? I work downtown.

What do you mean my muscle adjustment?

It’s almost pointless to get an adjustment when the muscles surrounding the area are so out of whack that they’ll bring it back to the point it was before the adjustment in no time.

I’ve got a rib that was out last week. I had my massage guy work the area (holy crap was I sore) I was supposed to go in 4 days after but schedules conflicted. I’ll go see him again then go see the chiro for some ART and cracky crack afterward.

I guess ART is a better term.

That’s what I’ve noticed with chiropractic treament. It seems as though it’s only a temporary fix and there is some underlying problem with the muscles that needs work.

So I go see this ART lady… and she really doesn’t know what she’s doing. She treats the symptoms of my injury instead of the problem!

I had to make the longer commute to my old guy to get the problem resolved. This guy does these “muscle adjustments” I’m talking about. He will assess your hips then he does all sorts of different movements, like pelvic tilts, to get them back into alignment. This guy is a genius in my opinion. If anybody knows what type of work this is called please tell me. I need to find a guy like this closer to my work.


What the guy is doing sounds like muscle energy and joint mobilization techniques (there could be other names and similar techniques though). These take alot of skill to be successful with. Any healthcare professional can learn these techniques through post grad courses. However Osteopaths are taught both in their training. Finding an osteopath may be you best bet.

Here’s some sites that hopefully will help you understand the techniques better and maybe find a practitioner in your area that utilizes them.

This is the audio of a lecture along with the powerpoint slides. Haven’t gone through the whole thing, but looks interesting.

Thanks Chris, I guess he’s an osteopath. Good find.