children and changing technique?

When working with children ages 9-11, should there be any focus given to changing their running technique. I worry that if technique is changed before growth spurts occur and before the natural increase in strength levels that accompanies puberty that the children’s technique will suffer post puberty and once again need to be changed. I know that it has been mentioned a number of times not to begin block work until proper strength levels are attained (ie. triple extension is possible), so does this apply to max velocity mechanics as well?

I would be very careful with technique work with children. The best bet is to design exercises and games that encourage good form without any conscious thought. This way, technique will evolve progressively and appropriately at the growth stages along the way. The expression that covers this- and most- coaching questions is: “Think twice and speak once”

I seen this kid at where I train…His form looks pretty damn good. everything looks smooth…straight up and down and whatever. he is like 9 or 10. you would ahve to see him to understand where I’m coming from