Check out this photo of Ben's Start:

Not to mention my new avatar either!!

Nice. That is the same picture from the Forum Review!!!

If you navigate that guys site you will see another picture of Ben as well as the shadow going across his mission statement of the final at Seoul. Also under his biography it says he had the oppurtunity to train with Charlie and says some good words about him.

That’s a great pic.

It reminds me of those optical illusions you see at Knott’s Berry Farm with the standing broom and stuff.

Except thats no optical illusion, just a really fast guy being photographed by a really fast camera.

Nice pic :smiley:

It’s surface to surface missile technology. The biomech guys often say the shins should ideally be parallel to the track in the first step, but you don’t see it too often…

ben fought the camera and the camera won lol