cheaper alternatives

is there any substitute for ART or other therapies that can be done by yourself? i understand this is a far from ideal circumstance. however, as a student in britain, we don’t have a great cashflow, so i need to try and keep things cheap. i am taking all the possible precautions to avoid injury in the first place. i have fairly regular massage (off my friend, who is a trainee), i use cold/ice baths and contrast showers. i fear though that i have a large amount of scar tissue in my hamstrings from problems in the past. i have an EMS unit, and have heard they can be used to help re allign the fibres, but how effective is this? i can’t see how it can work particularly well as surely it is just a simulation of contracting the fibres??? would it be worth speaking to my friend and people that do massage therapy so that over the next year or so while i am still a student i may be able to perform certain techniques on myself???

I am a massage therapist myself. I have looked at the ART website and anyone can learn; if they have the thousands of bucks and weeks of time to travel to workshops; and pryor prerequisite education :rolleyes: . Nevertheless if for a nominal fee you could have it done you could concievably pay attention to what was being done and try to duplicate that on yourself by yourself or get someone to do what you percieve as the method or methods used on the hamstring.

Conventional massage techniques are beneficial, but not quite as specificly as ART to address imbalances we find abounding in athlete bodies. I.e. imbalances caused by heavy training stresses that in turn hinder or prevent athletic performance.

the postings are filled with techniques and things that we do ourselves, like foam roller, stick, etc… just gotta look a lot.

  • some ems protocol for hamstring was metioned by CF on one of the threads; do a search.

I was trying to remember the name of that.

Maris, search for a foam roller on Google UK. I got a medium sized one off a fitness site for £10.

I can’t find the site I got it off, I found this though.