Charts or tables to plan for the 100metres

Charlie for some time now I have been going to ask you for advice on charts or tables that could be used to objectively plan acceleration, top speed, speed endurance for a realistic time for the 100m following your example 1987 annual plan inTraining for speed.

The plan showed 0-30m 3.85’‘adequate accelleration now in place’‘and 60m 6.38’‘adequate top speed now in place’'and then 100m 9.95 ‘‘adequate speed endurance now in place.’’

Obviously 13sec 12sec and11sec athletes who want to plan for improvement and achievable goals have to have a different set of limits appropriate to times they wish obtain.

In my case as a 67 year old with a trial pb last season of 13.22hh and with a goal of say 13.30-13.50 elec the parameter for the 100m segmentswill be different and this is where I am looking for help.

As I use the s/L approach ,without knowing the times required for accel, top speed, and then speed end I could be spending to long in each of the first two areas ‘‘flogging a dead horse for no return’’ OR be nowhere the required levels to achieve my goal and be bashing my guts out on s/e, again with no chance of 13.30-13.50 because accel and top speed are not in place-----hence my need for some sort of tables.


I think your question is similar to one posted in another thread. I think the first thing is to find where you can accelerate to. You can do this with a video camera (counting frames) as I have explained before in the other thread on this subject. Or you can just do a standing 60m and notice where you find you can no longer “push” for more acceleration. This can be used to set your maximum intensity limit (eventually you may push this 5m further). For you i’m sure maximum intensity limit will be say 30m. Now you can readjust all of your SE sessions from the exampes CF gives (for a a world class sprinter). Perhaps you can start by accelerating purely to 15m? This is what I do with my girls running 12.5.

0-30m= 3.90
0-100m=10.95 sec ???

Is it something possible if I want to run 10.95 in the 100m dash??(just to know if one of my part is too fast like if 30-60m is too fast for the balance of the race)

No way you’re gonna run 3.90 to 30m and only run 10.95. If these are your splits, your top speed is way under your excellent 0-30m performances.

So what would my split should more look like if I want to run 10.95?

have a look at this thread a few of us have posted a fair bit of info on this inc elite female v ave male etc etc

Someone let me know if this shouldn’t be made available.

Do you have the chart for runners between 11.8 and 12.5?

Yea there are 4 pages.

what does the 100(1) and 100(2) under competition represent?

1st 100m of the 200m
2nd 100m of the 200m