Charlie-What are good pool workouts u recommend

What are good pool workouts that you recommend and when are the best times to do them?

Are they good to do while injured and also when not injured?

There are a number of threads on this in the archives. Maybe The One can find them. In your case, however, I’d be very careful of running drills in the water because the resistance to the hip flexors may cause a problem for you till the quad is farther along. Easy swimming might be the place to start, with all intervals being short so as not to fatigue the area unduly.

Intervals meaning running/drills with life belt in deep end or swimming as in kicking the legs with fludder board?

I can’t find any one thread with a lot of info on this. Most have little bits and pieces of good info, like this one

Tempo Workout in Pool (Charlie Francis, 2004)

Actually Dr Doug Clement gave me the suggestion of the formula for water work many years ago- multiply the rep time by 50% over land work and reduce the recovery times by 50% also- hence the rep times described.

Like running on the spot at a rate of 110 to 130 steps in each 45sec interval (as above)

You could do tempo work in the pool. It’s great for overall fitness and it won’t kill your legs. In the pool, run on the spot for 45sec with 15sec rest for 2 sets of 10, with a 10min stretch break between sets. You can hit between 110 and 130 steps/45sec interval (make sure you get good extension)

You can do it chest or neck deep with feet on the bottom or with a flotation device. We always did it touching.

  • As Charlie states, this kind of work places a lot of stress on the hip-flexors, not ideal for quad rehab!

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