Charlie: Unilateral Work


do you or have you prescribed unilateral leg excercises? The GPP thread gives some of the excercies you like and none are unilateral (Squat, Deadlift etc.).

I was thinking of adding 1 unilateral excercies as a supplement for squats and deadlifts. what do you think? prefer any particular excercise?

This has been posted before:

Thnks :slight_smile:

If I liked em, I’d use em. Seriously, why use anything that is associated with risk unless you need to correct a significant imbalance- and by that I mean it limits your performance or rythm.

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Can you please expand of what you perceive to be the associated risks of unilateral leg exerises, and also how it limits your performance or rythym (i assume you mean in relation to sprinting and not sprint training in general?). Sorry if you have argued this point before.


i dont think he meant the unilateral exercises would limit the rythm, but that he would only use unilater exercises in a situation where one leg is so much stronger than the other that it negatively effects rythm during sprinting, so basically hes saying the imbalance is what effects rythm and if this occured hed use unilater exercises to correct it.

I’d save this stuff for your recovery based weeks or in order to work around an injury (if you don’t get them you aren’t training hard).

Point made, upon reading it again I did misinterpret. Still interested to hear Charlie’s opinion on the first part of my question.

I might turn that question around. Do you think uni exercises are as safe as bi-lateral exercises, when used as the means to develop power? If weights etc are general in their overall influence, are they needed where an imbalance is not present?

I hear you Charlie. I wouldn’t really consider using unilateral work as a means to develop power indices in an organised ‘strength’ session anyway. More accurately, I typically wouldn’t promote the the use of typical uilateral strength exercises (e.g. bulgarians, SL squats etc) to develop power indices (i’m sure there is a few supreme athletes that may find some limited benifit from such training-I haven’t meat them yet). Do you find any issues with slower tempo unilateral work, say in the form of a more pelvic/hip control modality for example? Obviously I ask this from an acyclic/dynamic sport perspective, i.e. field sports for e.g. Thanks Charlie

As long as you’ve identified a good reason.