Charlie - re: TMS - magnets - and improved reaction time (?)

A program that discussed proactive exercises that increase the brain’s intelligence was broadcast on tv today. There was a segment on stimulating various regions of the brain, using TMS therapy; whereby magnetic currents are dispatched (painlessly) through the skull, by use of a machine of sorts. They demonstrated how they could trigger someone’s thumb to twitch, just by directing the stimulation… and how, after being forced to stay awake for 3 days, a fighter-pilot’s reflexes and judgement could be brought up to normal levels, as if he/she had been in a rested state… just by wearing a specially designed helmet that would dispatch electrical current to selected segments of the brain. They also mentioned that by stimulating a certain segment of the brain, they could temporarily improve reaction time to such a high degree, that improvements on the athletic field would be outstanding (for sports where reaction-time weighed heavily on the outcome of the activity). They’d mentioned that this kind of stimulation could take place moments before the activity in question, using some sort of magnetic hat - (beanie propeller optional, I suppose :slight_smile: - I was wondering if you’d ever heard of this, and whether you have knowledge of such a therapy being used on sprinters? Thanks most kindly!