Charlie. PB during Spec Endurance Question?

You said that when a athlete would run a pb at practice you would move on to the next part of the workout. Is this tru for spec endurance days to. Thx

Depends on the distance and how strong the performance is. A PB in the 600 at an intermediate level doesn’t call for a break- but a PB at or close to world record level over 120m does. It is also dependant on the size of the PB.

OH ok so just running pb for the this seasons 200 (which is not close to pb at a meet) at practice doesnt not mean to move to the next activity. Thx

Right. You need to use your judgement.

I’m not sure I am clear on this. You’re saying Charlie that if the running workout is 3 x 200 and your PB is 21.00 and you run 20.86 in the 1st 200 for example, do you mean you would stop there and skip the other two?

Depends on how demanding I thought it was, but, most likely, I’d carry on with the other reps at a sub-max pace (21.2 to 21.5 for example)

Well you said in an earlier post that a 120 at WR pace calls for a break. Now obviously my example (20.86) is nowhere near WR pace, but is that the only reason you’d call for a break is when they are at that kind of pace?

The point is the higher the intensity the higher the onset of CNS fatigue will be. So for 21 maybe you can continue effectively and without injury risk iwth submax reps, because although you’ll be drained you’d be nowhere as fried as a 19.xx or 11.xx in 120, in which case the workout would be immediately stopped because of the higher risk for injury or breakdown.

Ok. That makes perfect sense. Well here is a hypothetical scenario. What if you have the athlete run repeat 120s (4 of them maybe) and the second one is 11.xx, but it is still early outdoor season. Although you are not very sharp yet you’d still want to immediately end the session because of the possible onset of CNS fatigue?

In this case, I would have concern with continuing with SE as the risk would be high. There’s a big difference in the CNS stress generated by high performance in the 80 to 150m range vs farther out.