Charlie or others: Recovery mode for EMS

I was playing around with the EMS machine I just got, I will start using it next week.

The machine:

I have CTFS and have read the other threads, but I am still a little confused.

With my machine, you can do continuous mode, synchronous, and alternate. I figure the alternate doesn’t really have any use for me, and synchronous is where you can select the time on and off (2-90 seconds on/off). So, I can’t do the 1 second on and off deal, but figure it is still useful.

Now, what pulse rate (Htz; mine goes from 2-120Htz) and pulse width (50-300) should I set my machine up for if I was to use the 2 seconds on, two seconds off? Or should I just use the continous mode instead? And last, how long should I do each muscle group for (5 minutes; mine goes up from 5-90min)? Any information would be appriciated.

i found that cfts covered everything for me?

For recovery, i also had the same slight problem of not being able to use 1 sec contraction and 1 sec rest. So like you said, i just used 2 sec on, 2 sec off, or sometimes i use the first 10min of a Set Program which resembles 1sec on 1sec off.

I’m pretty sure its just ganna be what feels comfortable for you when your talking about pulse rate/width. I just fooled around with different settings until it felt best for me, it is recovery after all. I use a medium pulse rate (for a better tetanic contraction) and a higher pulse width. But my settings are for my unit, you should try out different settings on yours.

Thank you for the response, but could I get some other opinions as well for these questions:

1.) How long should a recovery session be for each muscle group (5 minutes?)?

2.) What is pulse width and what should I set it as for recovery sessions?

3.) For recovery mode, should I use continuous mode, or just use the 2 seconds on 2 seconds off?