Charlie francis time

I Apologize if someone already ask it but…I know mr. francis was a track and field athlete…so does anybody know is PBs? or what did he accomplished?thanks :slight_smile:

#5 100m sprinter in the world…
Canadian National Champion…
Time I believe was around 10.2

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if i remember well, his PB was 10.2 in altitude and 10.3 in sea level (of course on slow track)
He ran in Munich (olimpic games in 1972) but in bad conditions (he was injuried)

According to Speed Trap Charlie’s PB is 10.1, hand timed.

i remember a little bad!
From Speed trap:
“in June of 1971, at the age of 22, i ran a 10.1 in the 100 meters at the Pam Am trials in Vancouver, the fastest race of my life…”

"Cali’s 5.000 foot altitude is ideal for sprinting, and in practice i went very fast - too fast. after recording several personal best at 70 meters, i suffered a slight hamstring straing four days before the race. Despite my injury, i finished 5ht in the final* wich was won by quarrie (i ran 10.31 there in my first experience with electronic timing, now the standard format for all major meets… my performance in Cali, therefore, was as fast as my hand timed personal best at the pam am trials)

*final of Pam Am Games

Charlie will love this thread…i’m suprized this didnt popup more often.


me too…but I’m really suprized …he was really a good sprinter so when talk I’ listen lol

Speed Trap has a lot of information on Charlie’s training. This is a good idea for a thread. I’ll start:


  1. knowing what you do now, if you were able to go back and coach yourself how much difference do you think you could make? Would 10.0? electronic be possible?

  2. How would you have individualised your program to best suit your needs? More emphasis on stretching, recovery methods, orthotics, weights work?



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I’d like to know Elite/World class sprinters views on Orthortics.

What have Charlies times got to do with the price of turnips?

any video clips of him running, that would be cool…


VIDEO FOOTAGE :confused: :confused:

it’ll be in B&W and on super 8mm :smiley:

If I’d had better tracks and a more organized schedule, i’m pretty sure I could have improved enough to make the transition to a stopwatch from a calender


what’s wrong with a sun dial, anyway?

Here’s the 72’ Olympics finals:

thats kewl…


Didn’t Charlie only get to the second round or something?

Charlie was the Canadian 100 metre sprint champion (1970, 1971 and 1973) with times of 10.4, 10.5 and 10.81.

He was second in 1968, 1969 and third in 1972. (all 10.6 seconds). In '68 and '69 he lost to Harry Jerome.

He competed for Canada in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, reaching the second round with times of 10.51 (3rd in Round 1, Heat 9) and 10.68. (8th in Round 2, Heat 4)

I thought is personal best was 10.39. But I must be wrong…