Charlie Francis running a race as young athlete in 1972

fast forward to EXACTLY the 25:33 mark… Charlie running in lane 1

Nice. Never wouldve seen this

Cool. Tnx.

There is also some footage of Herb Washington which is rare. He was one of the fastest starters ever at the time if not, the fastest. In fact, he was so fast out of the blocks that the Oakland A’s made him a “designated runner” in 1974. He didn’t do that great but hey, it was a pay upgrade.

Still have not watched it.
What a lovely gift.
I’ll show James tomorrow.
Cheers and Merry Everything for all of you, peace, joy and go get the things you wish and want for now, we are here for a good time and not so much for a long time.
My very best to you bmarcho1 and all of you. Thanks for hanging in and thanks for having the balls to support us when the chips were down.