Charlie? Arms precede legs

In your book you explain how you felt the phenomonon of arms drive leading legs. i to have felt this. But, i have also noticed that at maximum speeds it’s almost like my legs begin to relay a message to my arms that ‘you can’t move any faster because i can’t handle it’! Have you experienced this in your running? If so could you remark on why this is so? I imagine its just the intelligence of the body understanding its limits. I was wondering if you might see how to use this as an observational training device.


my advice is to get a DV camera, film yourself out of the blocks, and you’ll clearly see your hand move a fraction of a second before the rear foot in the blocks!

of course, you are at the mercy of 29.97 frames per second! (in North America, that is)

I’m not saying legs precede arms. i know arms precede legs. what i’m refering to is a feeling in the body that is saying my arms can’t move any faster because my legs aren’t ready or able to respond to the demand.

You are quite right. It means that you have reached a limiting factor for your speed. It could be so many things. Have a look at my going to 11 thread.