Is this his most read book ad if so what does everybody think about it. You can buy it for 29.95 american but is it worth it for 57 pages of information? I know he has other books like Poliquins’s Principles and others but is which one would you buy and why? Or if you had to make one choice which one would it be?

P.S. No CT fans recommending his books, I will purchase these anyways so please save yourself the trouble.

It’s an excellent, excellent book. Stays in line with Poliquin’s “Principles” but I feel that it’s one of the best resources that I have available. He doesn’t waste a lot of time in the book, and so the book is very short.

I own both books and they are both well done. Much more practically oriented than science based. Very to the point. Many sample programs and loading parameter examples. Just don’t expect them to be similar to Supertraining or any of the translated texts.

do both books talk pretty much about the same stuff or are they different enough to buy both?

In my opinion, there is enough varianc between the two to justify purchasing both texts.


The Poliquin Principles: Successful Methods for Strength and Mass Development
by Charles Poliquin (Author)
Our Price: CDN$ 77.53

Paperback - 154 pages (December 1997)

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too much money for what you get., June 25, 2004
Reviewer: JASON from Spokane, wa United States
It would be an great 30$ or 40$ soft cover, but I believe the rarity & reputation is what a person is really paying for when he/she buys this book. Since price is the most important issue I gave a low score.
If I were to rate solely on the books contents “4”.
-will help you add variety to your work out
-will help you understand difference between strength gain, strength/mass gain, and mass gain.

  • has lots of information on different muscle types and the best way to train them.
    -the exercise that are explained have detailed form information.

  • I like the line art pictorials, simple and informative.
    -If you are unfamiliar with exercise names you may need to do research just to find out what exercise the guy is refering to. This doesn’t apply to ones that are explained.
    -an index would have been nice.
    -less pictures of bodybuilding stars, and more of proper exercise form.

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Pseudoscience, April 4, 2004
Reviewer: Dr D Smith from Stoke-on-Trent, UK
It is sad that this self-styled “guru” has gained such publicity and credibility, given that his book appears to contain very little in the way of scientifically-based training advice and contains much pseudoscience and outright nonsense, such as swiss ball training. As a sport scientist whose Ph.D. is in the area of motor learning, I would like Poliquin to explain just what additional benefit is derived from performing weight training exercises balancing on a ball. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this practice, which, given that balance does not transfer to different activities will only improve your ability to balance on a ball. Not something that many athletes (or anyone else) will find much use! I find it sad that so many people (including elite athletes) are taken in by the likes of Poliquin and Paul Chek, whose description of themselves as “gurus” and “experts” is laughable. If Poliquin is expert at anything (which I doubt), it certainly is not exercise science. The apparent popularity of the book, and similarly pseudoscientific weight training books by the likes of Kraemer, Fleck, Stone and Bompa, proves one thing only: that there’s a sucker born every minute, and two to take him.

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Player-hating from the sidelines. It’s easy to criticize, but let’s see what this Dr. has to offer up himself. I didn’t know our business paid people to work like a movie critic where you can just thumbs up or thumbs down people and wave your nose at everyone.

I just talked to tiffany at the Poliquin headquarters and she said that they plan to rerelease it in April 2005. :eek: I can’t wait that long. If Bush gets voted in our dollar will skyrocket to 95 cents by that time.