Channel 7's Crap-Ass Coverage

Anyone else concur? They showed (DELAYED!!!) two of the 100m heats today. And then showed another two in the “Olympic News” segment with Kylie Gillies.

Fuck Channel 7 and their monopoly on Olympic coverage. We need to get the government to let pay TV (Foxtel or whomever) bid for the rights to the Games if we want a better viewing experience. It’s going to make it better viewing for EVERYONE (except Channel 7 – but who cares about them)!!

I’m angry that I’ve had the TV on Channel 7 since about 10 o’clock this morning and they’ve had about 20 cumulative minutes of athletics coverage. How lame.

I wanna watch the 400m Hurdles and 1500m heats tonight (and OF COURSE the 100m quarters) but I can’t be reliant on Channel 7. They’ll probably show a replay about 3 hours later. Argh!

SBS seem to be showing coverage. Not sure what or when with them??? i just noticed today.

your not really going to see much athletics action - not when stefanie rice n mum, and co are swimming. Channel 7 will only be showing coverage generally on Aussie performances. Im actually surprised they showed any 100m action at all… after all, we are not competing.

You will see Tamsin Lewis run live im sure. But perhaps not the other heats.

If Aust is not in the event, i doubt you will get much coverage at all in events you want to see.

I’ve taken Friday & Monday off work to watch the morning sessions with a view to tape some of the track events.

Today there was a promising start when we got the first two heats live (Bolt & Powell). But then it came to an abrupt halt. Stuck with swimming for the next 2 hours. Ch 7 did squeeze in replays of a couple of other heats involving Gay, Atkins and Edgar. Later we got 2 heats of the women’s 800m featuring the two Aussies. The first was a replay but Tamsyn’s bold & terrific run was live (I think).

Tonight we have a football match bewtween Collingwood & Port Adelaide (played annually for the ‘Feral Bowl’ :smiley: ) scheduled on Ch 7 when the men’s 2nd round 100m heats are on. Guess we will have to wait until very late for replays of them.

Ch 7 have exclusive rights to the track & field as they have with the swimming so don’t expect to see any track action on SBS.

Like the girl said to the boy about the condom, if its not on (7), it’s not on!

Try this site, bit slow on my old computer not sure on the sound, l don’t have any, but good coverage.

Choose ZNS TV

well we got a delayed replay of the 2nd heat of the mens 1500m…
doesnt look like we’ll get the 100m QF

No it is footy night :slight_smile:

no, womens softball highlights, swimming 1500m heats