Chambers Physique


It just depends on what your goal is. If you are looking to be a world class sprinter, than 230 or 240 might push the limit. If I were you I would focus on getting faster and if you hypertrophy anything I would do the hamstrings or glutes.

Mo Greene and Chambers might be huge looking, and yes they are shorter than you but they aren’t any where in the realm of 230lbs.

Complete BS all around.

Maybe as you get older you need to rely more on LBM and strength than on your tendons ? Green looked huge in the milrose games last year when he fell… all those 30+ athletes are huge.
Huge? Like <180lbs huge?

What im asking is, should I be afraid of eating 400g protein a day and getting to 230-240 LEAN ? at 6’2" im not sure how big you can be and stay under 220… unless u take GH for 10 years and get to 4% fat.

When you are lean, dark skinned, and in good lighting, you look bigger. Most of the really good natural bb’er guys are around 200 or so in contest shape. You do not need to be 230-240. Heck, you aren’t much taller than Linford and he was about 210 or so.

I agree, none of these guys first of all are THAT big. Second, 230-240 is way too excessive for a sprinter. Max I’d say for any sprinter should be 200 unless you’re 6’4+.

BTW Davan whats your 100m PR FAT ?

I ran 6.97 60m about a month ago… a couple years ago I ran 11.18 -1.5 for the 100, but that’ll come down this year.

Yet again it all depends, if your goal is to be a sprinter then yes I would restrict the weight to no more than 210 or so. If you want to jump high and run fast over short distances the extra mass could be beneficial up to a certain point. Notice at the combine you often see big RB’s (215+) run just as fast or even faster than smaller guys who are former sprinters.

Question: twhite03 Why is okay to hypertropy the hamstring and glutes? Also if no other muscle is to be trained to hypertropy does that mean one should stop high reps of pull ups?

its not about posing…its all about win lights and
speed trails… not the body of ODONAS…ciao

There has been some research that shows that hypertrophy work on the hamstrings was more effective than power training etc. While not conclusive, it confirms Charlie’s saying “if it looks right it flies right.”

I can’t think of anybody who ever hurt themselves athletically by having too big of a butt or hamstrings.

Just doing high reps doesn’t = hypertrophy. Remember, gaining muscle for the majority of people is not that easy. You can do all the reps you want, if you aren’t eating enough you aren’t going to get bigger.

Hams and glutes are most important in sprinting, bigger muscle = more potential to be stronger and more potential to be faster. That’s not to say you should attempt to get the biggest glutes and hams possible though.

11.18 - it better come down with that 6.97, nice effort Davan.

6.97…shud be around 10.8…ciao

In my personal experience, sprinting has always acted as a governor on hypertrophy, especially as distance increases later in the season.

Typically I weigh in the mid-180’s, but right now due to injury I’m restricted to high volumes of lifting and plyometrics, and I’m stabilized around 190.

Maybe off topic but I’ve seen Chambers in the weight room and (unlike many sprinters I see) he works damn hard. Rock bottom Olympic squats: 4x5r at 200kg+, 140+ for reps on bench and lots of weight pull ups…

What kind of assistance work was he performing for his hamstrings?

all that in one day ? full body training i guess ?
5 reps at 200kg :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

thats not much…iam alot better… viva la bandiera italiana…ciao…

all joke aside… watch me at york…lol

Apparently Donovan raced at 205, much more than most here would suspect.