Chambers For NFL?

Mystery surrounds Chambers over change in career
By David Powell, Athletics Correspondent

The future of Dwain Chambers as an international sprinter was in doubt again last night after he was said by American football officials to have flown to Germany in a renewed attempt to seek a career in the sport.

Yet sources close to Chambers said that they knew nothing of such intentions.

Dave Collins, the Great Britain athletics performance director, said: “It is news to me and I would be very surprised.” Collins said that he had spoken last week to Chambers, who returned to action in the summer after a two-year ban.

Cubie Seegobin, Chambers’s manager, who is based in California, was dismissive of the suggestion. “I do not know anything about it and I would have known,” Seegobin said. “It is a surprise to me. Dwain is supposed to show up in Jamaica for training in a week or so.”

However, American football officials were not only insistent that Chambers, 28, was in Germany to seek a place with a team in NFL Europa, but they issued comments from the athlete in which he said that the sport was “a serious option for me at the moment”.

Also caught by surprise was John Trower, the Britain senior performance manager for sprints. “I can match what Dave Collins said — I know nothing,” Trower said. However, Chambers was further quoted saying: “American football has interested me for a long time and I am excited to see what opportunities might be there for me in the sport.”

Chambers made a startling return to the track this year by recording 10.07sec in the British Grand Prix 100 metres in Gateshead in June, but it proved a false dawn as he failed to regain his European Cup crown and finished only seventh in the European Championships in Gothenburg.

Although Chambers helped Britain to win their only gold medal in Gothenburg, in the 4 x 100 metres relay, the celebrations were tarnished when Darren Campbell, another member of the quartet, complained at Chambers’ inclusion.

While the scale of the task facing Chambers grew as the season wore on, so the temptation to turn his back on the sport must have increased. His view may have been coloured by the aspect of his punishment, which requires him to pay prize-money that he owes out of future track earnings.

Chambers was said to be in Germany to take part in trials this week. If successful, he would be allocated to one of the six teams who play in NFL Europa. Amsterdam Admirals, Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils and Rhein Fire are preparing for 2007.

The season runs from spring into early summer, making it incompatible with training for the athletics season. “There have been people who have swung from one [sport] to the other and back, but doing it in one year, I do not think so,” Collins said.

“I spoke to Dwain last week, we had a conversation about next season and he expressed his intention to be going for at least the outdoor season. That, to me, was pretty clear. I am very surprised because my understanding was that Dwain was committed to athletics.”

However, American football sources indicated that Chambers would be trying out at wide receiver and cornerback. NFL Europa operates as a feeder league for the NFL in the United States. During his (absence from the track) in 2004, Chambers had a shortlived spell with a college team in San Francisco.

According to Tony Allen, the director of international player development for NFL Europa, Chambers remains “a very interesting prospect . . . somebody we wanted to take a much closer look at this week.”

David Tossell, the director of public affairs for NFL International, which runs NFL affairs outside the United States, said that Chambers was at a training camp in Cologne. The best of those would go to an NFL Europa training camp in Tampa, Florida, in March, from which selection for the six teams takes place.

NFL Europe eh?

Some team could take a chance based on his speed. But there’s no point if he can’t catch or hold onto a ball.

He was attempting to play at Chabot College in Hayward, CA a couple years ago. I never heard anything about him w/ football since then.

Track guys transitioning to football hasn’t ever really been successful as history shows (with exception to the rare few that were studs in both-- Bob Hayes, Alvis Whitted, etc)

Hope Chambers can deal w/ the types of demands football offers. Football is NOT all about who is the fastest; can he read a defense, can he get off the line of scrimmage, can he catch the ball running a route with a CB trying to re route him, can he remember all the play calls, etc etc etc…?? Curious to see how he does…

lol. dude just put him at kr or wr and run the 9 route, let him be a athlete.

Exactly, but what if he is getting pressed? Can he get off the line without getting jammed? Not everyone is going to play 5 or more yards off and let him run a vert or post on them!

lol, most guys will play 5 or maybe 10yds off the dude run 3.9 40yd dash. can he beat press coverage i would say yes he probably bp 300+lb, we are not talking bout carl lewis. i think track and field / basketball players are the best athletes, so im pretty sure he could adjust.

hmmm, his press coverage has been pretty ordinary the last couple of years :stuck_out_tongue:

True but if he can run that fast then obviously teams are going to respect that…the dude is gonna get double teamed, one guy in his face with safety help over the top. Just because you bench press 300+ doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get off press coverage. But yeah I think he’d be a valuable returner at the least.

look at the guys who can beat press coverage, they know how to use there hands and have good upper body strength.

phisically has all the tools…in football can come back toward 200lbs, and at 6 foot is not bad for a wr cb, kr…streght…plenty of it, but appliyng it is another matter…if he is interested and dedicated can be at least a good player.
Could also try bobsled, with his power could be amazing at pushing.

The real question is always: can he catch the SECOND one after he gets murdered after the first catch. The eyes tend to go off the ball to look for the assassin coming for him.

Does NFL Europe pay much??

my uncle who is a nfl scout say “if u have speed we can teach you how to catch and run routes but we cant teach speed”, now can he take a hit thats another issue - if he has heart he be ok.

I don’t know if it’s as much heart as instinct. So many of the great players have been at it since Pop Warner football and everything is second-nature for them, including when to get down after the reception.

The other thing I found with these guys is that there isn’t a huge change in the speed dynamic a true sprinter can bring in. I remember the first time I was at Dallas in 1988 one of the guys was saying: “No wonder I never made it in the sprints, cause I never tapered at all.”
I asked what he ran as it was and he said: “10.20 and 20.31!” In fact, he had been put on the US track squad for the 8 Nations Meet in Tokyo.

i said heart bc if u r running a slant route acrosse the middle and ray lewis smack you it takes heart and toughness to come back and do it again. chambers will probably take a harder hit at kr/pr bc he will only play wr couple plays a game and will be use strictly as going deep and shouldnt take any major hits. the whole get down before you take a hit, thats being a sissy and selling ur team short - get every single yard u can get.

Getting down after the hit.

u know it, i cant believe you would say such a thing. lol

Have a look at who’s been in the league for many years! When you decide you ought to have a different role (Boston), look what happens!

the st louis wr started this going down type thing bc they have smurf wr. look at wr like owens, ward, wayne, and andre johnson. i think teams feed off of wr sliding down just look at how new england played st louis in the superbowl.

I suppose if Chambers came to any team he’d be the lightest by a long way too wouldn’t he?

Not really!!