not sure if this is the correct area to post this, but i am wondering in the cfts book in the strength training chap why are all the reps and sets so random - for example Angella squat were 1x1, 3x10 etc

That is a spot picture of a specific training period.
Especially as they are done after speed work, the weights are done with the energy that is not expended on the track. In general, you will see the greatest fluctuation with those whose CNS capacity is not as strong- such as female athletes. Remember, the strength work is an adjunct to the development of speed and not an end i itself.
conversely, the progression of lifting ability (when not compromised by the speed) remains high and consistent all through the program because of the principle of general vs specific strength (the advance in general strength from the speed work compensates for any missed numbers or sessions of weights). After all, she did ultimately do 2 x 225lbs in the bench and did 2 x (6 x 450lbs) in the squat at a bw of 130lbs.
I remember when the Olympic champ, Kondratyeva married Yuri Seydich and he ‘orginized’ her weights because she’d had varied lifting like you read about in CFTS- but she never ran well again. The operation was a success but the patient died.
For more on this, look at the general vs specific and general organism strength threads.

In this same vein, I personally have found that if I consistently push myself too hard in the weight room not only does it affect my running it also ultimately causes my stength levels to stagnate as well.

I agree. I have found that by not giving massive effort in the weight room, I can get better results. I always wondered why lifters like Ed Coan and Brian Seiders would say that they don’t lift near their max in training.
I tried a cycle of doing something like squat 7x5 @75% and I improved my max more than when I was doing alot of work at 80%-95% of 1RM.

many of other factors could have contribute to that increase in max while during 7x5.

other factors contribute to alot of things :smiley: must be all the antioxidants i’m taking or a-skips maybe

you may be right.

let me make sure i am understanding you correctly, so for any missed numbers or session in the weight room my speed work will make up for it?

thats the impression i am getting. And it makes sense to me, because that is pretty much what has been happening to me.

What they don’t tell you as a strength and conditioning specalist is that the body works as an organism. Everything you do has an effect. Weights and sprinting both recruit muscle fibres maximally - so they both do the same job just in slightly different ways.

So you will find that in the gym your strength will hold or even increase despite a small amount of gym work during maintainance phases because the sprinting keeps you “strong”. The only issues you may get are from loss of co-ordination (cleans etc) but it works amazingly well with things like bench press.

Also it is important to ask yourself this… why would anyone who is not a sprinter or does not run flat out perform sprint work if it didn’t benefit them? Shot putters? High jumpers? Swimmers??? Cyclists???

i noticed just this tonight with bench, Pb in bench for reps, 16 x 100kg
have not done a proper weights session now for about 3wks, at least.

i guess its just me, but i just think u need to have those heavy lifting session year round.

you do, but sometimes, things happen and axcess to gym becomes hard. I have been struggling to get to gym 1 time per wk. At least it was something and was still being done.

see i have great access to a nice weight room and indoor track. so i have NO excuses.

ill remember that, if you slacken off, ill find and Repost this!

Heavy lifting is certainly important. What I’m talking about is managing the cumulative fatigue of all the training elements in the program. We know (or should know) not to push to the point of exhaustion in our speed workouts and with other high intensity components (what idiot does plyometrics to failure?). And yet, a lot of us (I am including myself) often forget this important lesson when we move to the weight room.

hey now. lol

Not just any speed work but a dramatic speed session that leaves you unable to complete your scheduled weight work will most likely have already compensated for what you ‘missed’ so you’ll move ahead in general strength and, surprisingly, in lifting ability as well.

This Quote should be a sticky! Or in your new book, if you decide to make one. Not many i believe would have actually realised something like this without lots of trail and error. I remember you touched it in your old book, but the way its written here explains more.

If you go through the Forum Reviews, you’ll se quite a lot on this subject.