CF Speed Certification

We are in the process of developing a certification program based out of Toronto that will run for 2 days 6 times a year.

We’d like to know if you are interested. Please note that this poll is to express your interest, not for questions as the program outline will be announced shortly.

Thank you

I’d be interested, as long as the program runs out of Madison, NJ, at least one time a year;)

Seriously - what about a metro NYC edition? Perhaps I could set something up with a clinic/conference as well…

We’re open to alternate locations. Send me a PM with some info on your idea.

Thank you for the post.


PS: Other clinics/speed-strength shops interested in working with us should get in touch with me.

it’ll be very very intresting but it’ll be appreciated something of longer duration fewer times a year for the ones between us that came from far

I’d second that. I could fine at least a dozen people who would attend that in my area.

Special arrangements will be made for those traveling a great distance.


Im totally interested in having you come to my area or traveling to get your certification. I know I can get some so people to come also. Thanks for considering this.

While probably not fiscally intelligent, you guys should fail 90% of the certification participants. Make it like med school not like USATF show up, sleep, and pass courses.

We’re going to evaluate participants and give them a fair shake. If they are worthy of the CF seal of approval they shall receive it. It won’t be as much a test but a practical classroom module and several track pieces. You will need to bring your current skills to the table-this is not for novices.

More to follow.


Great idea! I would be very interested.