Cause of long achilles tendon?

Hello everyone

I am trying to find out what causes some people to have long Achilles tendon.

I know the achilles tendon is on the leg of course :).

What would be the cause of a long achilles tendon, would it be the results of a long tibia or fibula? Or maybe its something else? I notice very few Caucasians have this feature, while a good majority of blacks do.

Thank you so much

Genetics…so their parents may have long achilles or one parent so a athlete inherets a long achilles from its parents…sorry cant give a better answer…i am sure you will get a better one…does having a long achilles help an athlete alot i know it helps but to what extent in speed or jumping because i see some jumpers and sprinters without the long achilles an still be succesful…

thanks for helping dalton

It’s safe to assume there are more important things to worry about then having a long Achilles tendon (especially sense its genetic). Something I have noticed is some of the highest jumpers have long Achilles tendon. Leads to my question what is the cause of a long Achilles tendon? I know its genetics, but more specifically

I always thought that its not that the achilles is long its that the mounting points of the calf muscle were higher for most sprinters. As the achilles runs from the ankle to the back of knee in in everyone.

The achilles runs from the heel (calcaneus) up to the attachment of the gastrocs and soleus. Those muscles then have separate attachments at the knee (soleus below knee, gastroc above knee).

thank you, looking at this pictures; I make the assumption that longer lower legs = longer achilles tendon!

It gives that appearance since a longer tendon means a shorter muscle belly, but a longer lower leg doesn’t necessarily mean a longer tendon.

Genetics is the primary factor of a long Achilles tendon. I have become to believe that a long Achilles tendon gives a mechanical advantage, due to increased stiffness (tendons are pretty inelastic) during explosive activities.