Carmelita Jeter Weights

Interesting watch. She confirms that they lift first in the morning and then a track session later. She was also doing concentric hamstring curls in pt2. It seems like it is very early in the season at the point of when the video was shot.

I like the USADA Disclaimer :wink:

Why even lift?

Her cleans are not good and she is clearly not confident in them. Medball throws look like a much better option for her. I wonder why they stick with cleans?

I thought John Smith coached the OLs well for a non-weightlifting coach.

Once again shows that weights are just icing not the cake.

From her comments you can tell she’s at least been told she’s not doing the cleans correctly and maybe at some point they will cut their losses. For me it’s similar to b-skips, I’ve had a few recently (one hurdler, one sprinter) who looked awful in the execution who I was about to delete them from their warm-ups but one day it clicks for them. Like cleans and many other exercises, drills their inclusion or exclusion is unlikely to make or break the program but at what point do they just say let’s move on? At her advanced athletic stage and her age, you’d imagine that day would be near.

Damn B-skips - It’s weird how they can do A’s good, but look like total freaks doing B’s…

I would say she is fairly new to the cleans.

LMao yea I was like wtf she doin.

I wonder how long before they run, after the gym

In part 2 around 3 minutes she mentions how all they’ve been doing are beach runs and park hill workouts, they haven’t been on the track yet and won’t start for another week or something. Makes sense as they are at Gold’s Gym in Venice, also explains why the weights are relatively easy looking, they probably head to the beach or park right after.

This is what I don’t get. Hasn’t she been with John Smith for around five years? I’d be surprised if they just started with the clean this year…really surprised they haven’t dropped it yet.