Caribbean Resort Recommendations

Looking to plan a trip for a few days for next month…


Caribbean (doesn’t matter where)
All-Inclusve Resort
No families
People in their 20’s and 30’s (moreso couples)

Any recommendations would be appreciated… There is way too much to choose from and it gets quite overwhelming. If you mention a place please state why. Thanks!!!

been to both Sandals and Couples. They both run great resorts. You can basically vacation at your own pace. It’s all couples, no kids. They have great pools, great food, and great entertainment. If you feel like having a few drinks and letting your hair down, you can. If you want to have a romantic dinner, you can. I highly recommend Negril, Jamaica. Love the people, the culture, the atmosphere. Plus, lots of fast dudes from there. Haha. Hope that helps.

  1. Anse Chastanet- St. Lucia, very private, beautiful scenery. 3 walls…

  2. Ladera- St. Lucia, basically the same as Anse Chastanet, not rated as highly however.

  3. Curtain Bluff- Antigua, don’t know much about it but people say it’s wonderful.

  4. Excellence Punta Cana- Dominican Rep., adults only, a lot of honeymooners.

  5. Sugar Bay Resort- St. Thomas, beautiful property.

These are just a few off the top of my head from researching my own honeymoon. Have fun!

Just to echo speedcoach, I’ve also heard great things about Couples Negril.

Nice recommendations, I think I might have to try one of those with my wife. Thanks for the details.

I can recommend Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica. Stayed there last year. Great place with loads of daily activities. No children allowed. There are two sites in Montego Bay depending on what you’re there for. The Royal Caribbean I found was more for the older couples (over 40’s) and the one we stayed in for younger couples. Hope this helps.

I went to paradise island in bahamas last summer (atlantis). Ima hit it again this summer. While there are families there it didnt kill the fun at all. Plus the theme park thrill rides they had on the resort were very much a plus.
Plus every chick I saw there maids, hotel workers, anything had supa fat asses. I had to be carful that the wife didnt catch me staring.

That’s funny Chris. I am not going to lie, i saw some beautiful Jamaican women. Wanted to leave my ex girlfriend and just stay in Jamaica.

Guys thanks for the suggestions thus far. Looks like we narrowed it down to Dominican Repub and Jamaica. I’m kinda feeling Jamaica a little more because of the default music …reggae vs. meringue. But then there is the crime to worry about perhaps. Twhite… those place you posted are stunning! however a little out of price range… We’d like to stay under 800$ including air fare.
Anyone know anything about the Iberoster and Riu resorts?

Dont worry about crime in JA. You only come across that in the ghettos.As a tourist you’ll find that you’re welcomed and wont be targetted. Also there are tons of police around. They take crime on tourists very seriously as its damaging for the island. Also when you do a all inclusive package the hotel prefers you to do activities they’ve arranged this again keeps you safe.

HA! That’s funny…

Where did your wedding take place?

We were married in Naples, FL and honeymooned in St. Kitts.

St. Barts

best place I have ever been.