CaptinPains Results


60 meter: 7.33
100 meter: 11.15
150 meter: 17.26
200 meter: 22.77
300 meter: 38.14
400 meter: 53.92


---------- 2006 Outdoor ----------

HS Dome Series #3

100 meter: 1h3 (11.67)

Rowland Games

100 meter: 10th overall (11.88)
400 meter: ???

West National Capital

100 meter: 3rd overall (11.55-11.84)
200 meter: 3rd overall (23.53)
4x100 relay: 3rd overall (46.60)

National Capital

100 meter: 2nd overall (11.74)
200 meter: 3rd overall (23.33)
4x100 relay: 1st overall (46.12)

East Regionals

100 meter: 4th overall (11.15)
200 meter: 8th overall (23.35 - 23.58)


100 meter: 18th overall (11.39)

Legion District G

100 meter: 3rd overall (11.51-11.66)
200 meter: 3rd overall (23.27)

OTFA Juniors

100 meter: 3h (11.37)
200 meter heats: 3h (22.99)
200 meter final: 4h (23.36)
400 meter: 5h (53.92)
4x100 relay: 2nd (44.30)

High Performance #3

100 meter: 4h (11.59)
200 meter: 3h (22.89)

High Performance #4

100 meter: 6h (11.65)
200 meter: tie 3h (22.98)

Twilight #4

200 meter: 4th (23.30)

Legion Ontario Championships

100 heat: 8th (11.63)
100 final: 7th (11.36)
200 heat: 7th (22.81)
200 final: 7th (22.96)

Junior Nationals

100m: 33rd overall (11.46)
4x100 relay: ???

OTFA Juvenile Champs

100m heats: 1h6 (11.34)
100m semis: 2h6 (11.40)
100m finals: 5th (11.38)
4x100 relay: 3rd (44.30)
200m heats: 2h9 (22.76)
200m finals: 1h6 (22.77)

Twilight #7

100m: 7th (11.46)
200m: 5th (23.13)

Twilight #8

80m hurdles: 4th (13.57)
300m: 5th (37.89)

---------- 2006 Indoor -----------

Sunday Series #2

100 meter: 1h (11.62)

Sunday Series #3

60 meter: 1h (7.41)
150 meter: 1h (17.47)
300 meter: 1h (38.26)

Corsaire Chapel

60 meter prelims: 1h2 (7.39)
60 meter finals: 2nd place (7.33)

Sunday Series #4

200 meter: 1h (23.24)

Sunday Series #5

60 meter: 1h (7.37)
150 meter: 2h (17.26)

Sunday Series #6

200 meter: 3h (23.38)

Sunday Series #7

60 meter: 3h (7.50)
150 meter: 3h (17.47)
300 meter: 2h (38.14)

---------- 2005 Outdoor ----------

Lisgur Relay:

4x200: 3rd place (time unknown)

West National Capital:

100 meter: 1st place (11.80)
200 meter: 1st place (24.10)
4x100: 7th place (time unknown)

National Capital:

100 meter: 4th place (11.92)
200 meter: 1st place (24.02)
4x100: 8th place (time unknown)


100 meter: 7th place (12.24)
200 meter: 4th place (24.21)


200 meter: 16th place (24.20)

Legion District G:

100 meter: 2nd place (11.88)
200 meter: 5th place (23.84)

Twilight Meet #4:

100 meter: 5th place (11.63)
200 meter: 1st place (23.71)

Twilight Meet #5:

100 meter: 3rd place (11.79)
4x100 Relay: 2nd place (48.00)

Twilight Meet #6:

200 meter: 1st place (23.93)

Legion Provincials:

100 meter: 9th place (11.78)

Twilight Meet #7:

100 meter: 1st place (11.66)


100 meter: 19th place (11.69)
200 meter: 11th place (23.43-23.61)
4x100 Relay: (DQ)

Twilight Meet #10:

100 meter: 6th place (11.77)

My Goals(2005):

100 meter: 11.4
200 meter: 24.0

I think I’m around an 11.5-11.6 right now so within the next month I’d like to knock off another tenth of a second or so to make that an 11.4 in which case I should be able to comfortably make provincials.

I’m being realistic with the 200 meter. My sprint endurance hasn’t got any better and all that’s really going to help my time would be the added speed. A 24 flat might even be a little too low since I don’t even have enough endurance to sprint at any time during the 200.

My Goals (2006):

100 meter: 10.9
200 meter: 22.3

I’m dedicated to really lowering my 100 this year. I know that the best aspect of my race is my top end speed but my speed endurance and my early accel phases are really lacking. I also have weak hamstrings and i was using the guided machines before for squats but free weight I can probably only max like 220, I’d like to improve that. My early accel is ugly.

My 200 surprised me this year and I feel if all goes according to plan I should be able to run a 22.3 next year. I think I’ll see quick gains in the race as I get in better shape and I’m hoping to get near 23.5 by the end of the year.

how much do you weigh and what is your training age, and what is your PB in weight training?

I weigh 165 or so with about 13-15% BF. Training age (I’ll just assume that’s age) I’m 16 and my PBs in weights are as follows.

Bench = 170 lbs
Squat = 300 lbs
Clean = have never tried for max, don’t like doing em

I learned that my first competition is April 28th but I’ll be resting the whole time until then cause of a pulled quad that won’t go away.

Training age is how many years you’ve been training.

a week and a half :smiley: with actual coaching, on my own i’ve done weights and plyos since my hockey season ended in February so about 2 months on my own.

whats ur meet schedule like?

we might meet up if i see ya at ofsaa

good luck this season

I have a warmup meet on April 28th and May 7th and then West Cities start May 13th. The rest is just about every week after I think, I don’t know the exact dates I just know I plan to be competing June 2nd. Do you run 100 meter too and if so what age?

edit: Just looked in the calling all sprinters thread, hope you’re not gona be running in my age cause that will suck for me :wink:

dont worry im a senior but i wont do that well if i only run 11 flat this year…

im a jumper tho so dont worry…if i do make it to ofsaa in the 100 i will drop it anyways…

you have only 2 meets b4 the “show” starts? thats nuts…i have around 5 or 6 b4 our cities

Lucky you, I’m always so nervous before every single race because I’m not used to the pressure.

And you shouldn’t drop the 100 meter if you can run 11 flat, you have a shot at the finals with that.

no …i dont recover well and i would be out of whack for the triple jump

theres lots of guys here that run 11 and shannon king would waste me…

Ya, I’ve never met the guy but I checked the results, he’s a burner running like 10.6 or something in grade 11, ouch.

Wow 2 meets? I get like 4-5 meets too before regionals.
The competition here is wack lol. Like the school hosting the regional meet only started training a week ago and aren’t going to any warmup meets AT ALL!!?!!
Lol. The West is full of slackers. How are the midget sprinters in your area? are they around 11.xx or 12.xx?

no no no

the west athletes are not slackers…

it is the east…ottawa area…

im in the west

whers ur regional meet swifter?

Goderich, Ontario. My town. But I go to school in a different town because of its track team and overall academic curriculum.
We sa gon kick some tush at that meet. We got some people who have ALOT of potential. You heard of a chick named Julia Tousaw(midget class alst year).?She’s on our team and killed the hurdle competition. Never know. I might turn out to be the fastest korean in the world lol.

Ya I must admit Ottawa is a loser area for track. We weren’t the worst Ontario region last year though for my events. One region last year had all OFSAA qualifiers running like 11.6s at worst for my age, which was insane. And I have no idea what the midgets are running here, I’ll let you know swifty how well they do once I start.

edit: Why is the ofsaa site down? I need to go look up on my competition.

keep tabs on ur comp right here

It pisses me off to look at those OFSAA heats and see that someone qualified with a 12.35 and I didn’t get there with a sub 12 time.

Turns out my first competition is on a gravel track of all places :rolleyes: . I might end up skipping that to make sure I don’t re-injure myself and because it’s dumb.

Good choice.
But then again, pouring rain+all-weather rubber doesn’t make that good of a sprinting combination. Breaka leg with ur season.(not literally)