Can't find any guidelines about bodyweight tempo

I’m trying to replace my tempo with bodyweight circuits (for convenience) but I can’t seem to find any guidlelines on how to do this.

So far, circuits are only increasing soreness which is annoying me because my muscles take a very long time to recover.

I have been doing:

Calf raisesx30

Rest 1 min and repeat 3 times.

Any criticisms?

if that circuit cause muscle sorness then u have some circuits problems. take a look at the bb circuits in the sprint forum.

you could also check the med ball download for ideas of intensity and fitness work. Do you have access to a mat for running on the spot along with the exercises?? What about a pool?

i agree the dvd is a quick and easy alt to tempo, heres a med ball circuit that i really like that is similar to your med ball work;

2x through a circuit of

3 x 20 shotput right throws
3 x 20 shotput left throws
3 x 20 right side throws
3 x 20 left side throws
3 x 20 underhand throws

I don’t have a med ball or even a local gym in my town and my local pool is booked at nights.

I have no mat although I don’t see that as a problem for running on the spot. I have enough equiptment for me, if I can get my bodyweight tempo to work for me.

lol. dude go buy a dam med ball they dont cost that much. BE CREATIVE!!!

I don’t have anywhere to use it though as I have no local gym…?

Surely you jest… Why do you need a gym to throw a medicine ball? Hell you can throw anything. Use a weight, a ball, some object that you can hold.

Lunges and squats with a med ball overhead. Go 25m then push ups and abs then back again. Also lots of different crawling exercises using your hands (perhaps you have seen javlin guys doing these?). Also you can use drills as condititioning see the Strength Endurance Download with all the drills (the newest fundamentals series).

What protocol would you use for running on the spot Charlie?. I have used 50 foot contacts to simulate 100m, 100 foot contacts to simulate 200m. Obviously 75% intensity is hard to regulate.


Can you expand more on the crawling exercises tc? ie net links, other resources or an example routine.


You can adjust the number of steps according to recovery from the exercises between runs and intensity is determined by how high you dring your knees when you run on the spot.

I’ve only ever seen these in person and have no links to them. Basically you start in a push up position and move sideways moving the hands and feet underneath and across the body. It kind of mimics the last steps of the javlin throw. The point is that you can do loads of interesting crawling exercises that work the CV system hard and will get your heart rate up.

Thanks tc!

Rob if your finding that tough reduce it to 15 per set but add in a couple more exercises for variety. Reverse dips with your hands on a chair are great for the triceps, theres nothing in your circuit for that set of muscles.

Thanks for replying Phil.

I take it you don’t feel pushups don’t really do anything for triceps?

When you say “add in a couple more exercises”, does it matter what muscle groups you hit?

By that, I mean: Can you do exercises that would hit muscle groups you have used before?

Eg: pushups----------later on in ciruit---------> reverse dips

Both hit triceps. Should this be a problem?