Can't bring one arm up fully, pain/compression in chest..anyone else suffer this?

My daughter has suffered this, only while doing sprints.

I watch and see that she has full arm motion in the left arm, but the right arm is only partially pushed up, and her form suffers a bit at the same time…she is obviously straining.

When I talk with her directly after the sprint to see how she is and what happened, she tells me her chest is compressed, and if she brings her arm all the way up, that it is very painful in her chest too.

The first time it happened, her Coach had me take her to a accupuncturist…which the treatment worked instantly…but it was short lived, and was back in a couple weeks.

Since, I have taken her to our Chiropractic Doctor, who has done “miracles” in the past, he is none intrusive…not a “bone popper”, he practices “Cranial Specific Technique” which he developed from “Sacro-Occipital Technique” and “Vector Point Cranial Therapy”…a one of a kind doctor…he is so good I don’t have any problem driving my daughter the 200 miles to see him!
Anyways, he has treated her for the same problem 2 times. It goes away instantly, and came back about a month later.
I’m curious, if this is a pinched nerve, or growth related problem, as she is only 13.
Anyone else experience these same symptoms, and if so, what have you been able to treat and make it go away?
My daughter is fine now, and she has been doing a Fall/Winter workout…but I’m just anticipating when the weather breaks, and she starts running full speed and competition, I would like more information if this returns.


Could be a nerve impingement. I had a C6-C7 impingement and was getting everything from numbness in my left arm to pain in my ribs and chest. Of course, I thought I was having a heart attack. Once the spasm in the cervical spine area had subsided, so did the symptoms.

Might want to focus soft tissue work on the upper and mid-back.

Have you seen a medical doctor regarding this ?
I would advise this now as a starting point to learning more
Likely the MD will not have any idea with regards to specifics with sprinting but will be able to eliminate anything medical which is your primary goal to begin with.
Once this has been addressed I would begin researching compression. Speak first to the person you had success with and look at this as a project.
Likely your answer is a combination of a few things. In my opinion use the information you collect and think this through for yourself.
Keep us posted to let us know what you learned.
good luck

It’s a mixed bag with Doctors…

When I talk with orthopedic doctors, they will tell me all they can do is work with something they can physically see…and do surgery… the same with Neurologists…either surgery or therapy…I have been seeing Many different Orthopedic Doctors and Multiple Neurologists…I have had 3 surgeries, I’m on chronic pain meds, and been off work for almost 5 years, and I’m worse now than before. They now tell me “they think” if I have neck surgury, it will make alot of my problems better…can you understand my skepticism?

From our experience last year, after Keanas 1st race of the year, we thought she pulled something in her quad muscle area.
Her Coach told me to get her to Dr. Bruce right away (not easy, 200 miles away)…I thought, I could take her more easily to someone local, as they should be able to treat my daughter just as well, or even better, since it’s an Orthopedic…the coach actually even got upset about this, and I didn’t understand why, until I went through the motions…

We went to “the best” Sports Orthopedic in town, who told us after not being able to find anything in the X-rays, if he can’t see it on an x-ray or physically detect it, he can’t treat it…he then sent her to “the best” physical therapy, after checking her over and making a “program”, they wanted her to go 3 times a week for 12 weeks at a cost of $4k! It was just simple muscle movements, which she could have done at home, no machines.
Instead, I took her to the “Cranial Specific” Doctor.
When I first got there, the 1st thing I said to Dr. Bruce, was, “we went to an Orthopedic”…Dr. Bruce smiled and instantly replied… “and he sent her to Therapy” and he kept smiling while shaking his head.
then, in half an hour she was 100% again.
There was no bone popping, he did everything using pressure points inside the mouth (palate) and on the head, while she layed on her back and pulling her toes/feet towards her head…the darndest thing I ever saw!
When I first got there, the 1st thing I said to him was, “we went to an Orthopedic”…Dr. Bruce smiled and instantly replied… “and he sent her to Therapy” and he kept smiling while shaking his head.

That was the second time she had seen Dr. Bruce.
The first time she saw the “Cranial Specific” Dr., her coach had noticed that in the workouts she was not bringing her knee up parallel (only about 35 to 40 degree) with her leg when doing “high knee” drills and when asked to do while doing running drills.
Throughout Keanas life, I noticed in Soccer and other sports that she did not bring her knees up parallel and just I assumed she didn’t like doing it and was being “lazy”…never thought anything about it.
After the coach talked to me about it, I talked with my daughter, and she told me she “can’t” bring her knees up, and has never been able to do so, as far back as she can remember.

We went to the Dr., he had her lay face down on the table, and straighten her legs together.
I was shocked when he showed me that one leg was about 1.5 inches longer than the other! He told me, that she had been like that probably most of her life.
When he was done, he had her lay and let things “settle”.
He came back, had her roll over on her stomach again, legs straightened, feet together…now, they were the same length!
Keana got up, and the Doctor asked her to lift her knees…amazingly she could now lift her knees completely to her chest!
Her “pulled groin muscle” was also instantly cured, as it was never a pulled muscle to begin with, and the “physical therapy” would have probably hurt her more than help, not to mention the pain.

Dr. Bruce has told me a couple times that because of Keanas age, that her frame is very flexible, especially in the joints, and that she has more muscle/strength than her body was able to control without something giving. He said she will continue to get stronger…which is true, she has not had a problem since last Summer. I just hope it’s like he says and nothing to worry about.

Dr. Bruce explained, that the problem with “Modern” medicine, is that it is too specialized, and that Doctors don’t look at the whole body when they treat an ailement, that the brain/nervous system is what controls the body and Most Doctors don’t treat it as such.
All I know, is I wish he was alot closer than 200 miles!

I guess I will take her back to Dr. Bruce and talk with him about it, then decide what to do from there?

About Dr. Bruce:
Dr. Bruce Davis D.C., graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (L.A.C.C.) in 1988 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Physiology. He also received a Bachelors of Science degree from Colorado State University in 1985 in Psychology. Dr. Davis founded and was President of the Sacro-Occipital Technique club and Weight lifting Club while a student at L.A.C.C. He interned with Dr. David Denton D.C. where he also met and learned from Major Bertrand DeJarnette, the founder of Sacro-Occipital Technique. He became a Certified Instructor under Dr. David Denton D.C. and helped with the Vector Point Seminars from 1990 to 2003. He was blessed to learn technique from Marvin Stommel D.C. in Colorado, Dr. Victor Frank D.C. in Utah. Dr. John Bouzis D.D.S. in Wyoming helped in learning about T.M.J. splints where he designed the first splint to help hold the Cranium in a neutral position. Since 2003, he has researched and developed Cranial Specific Technique (The only technique where points solely on the Cranium are used to unlock the tension in the rest of the body). Dr. Davis has treated thousands of very difficult spine cases including the United States Senior Men’s Gymnastic team with several Olympic metal winners


Healthy skepticism is required as is self discovery and knowledge. Use the experts to learn what you can and dispose of what makes no sense.
No one is more interested in the truth about your daughter than you and I think you need to start with where you had success.
I am certain if Dr. Bruce is as you say you can have a practical discussion with him , explain your conflicts and hammer out some possible solutions.
My final piece of advice would be to keep in mind she is young and growing and navigating training during this volitile period of life has very specific challanges. Don’t give up and try not to get discouraged. You are doing a great job for your daughter regardless of the end result.

Believe it or not, my daughter really wanted to “Wrestle” this Winter!

She has a couple friends that do, and they are on a club team that goes all over the Northwest.
I let her try it, as it was mostly with girls only…she loved it, without much training, she was beating the experienced girls (I assume because of being in such good condition)…until she wrestled one of the better boys and got a pain in her groin and had to see Dr. Bruce…which again, another “instant fix”, but jeeze…having to drive 400 miles round trip!

As soon as Keana was hurt, the very first thing in her mind, she told me, was, if this was going to effect track…so she quit, with no regrets…she was so worried she would get hurt again and it would effect track…she loves it so much!
I teased her a couple times and asked…are you sure you don’t want to wrestle? and she would give me the quick NO! I am not going to risk track!

Actually, each time I see Dr. Bruce, he does explain that Keana doesn’t have anything “wrong” with her, that because of her age, all the moveable parts in her body are more elastic, and looser and because of her being an athlete and having developed muscles, that her muscles are stronger than her frame is ready for…he said it’s not bad, we will just have to be conscious of it and she will need to come in from time to time.

The arm thing just seems wierd, so I thought I would ask about it…I guess I will just listen to Dr. Bruce.

Thanks for the good advice…I will go see Dr. Bruce later this Spring and talk with him. I want to have him check Keana before competition starts.

I love this Forum!