Can you train your grip to palm a basketball?

Has anyone heard of/accomplished successful training of hand grip stength to be able to palm a basketball (starting from a point of not being able to palm a bball at all)? If so, what was the protocol?

I have average to slightly small hands, but I also know I have crappy grip stength, so I know there is much room for improvement.

Thanks in advance!

assuming your hand is big enough to be able to get in a position where it would have enough grip than absolutely yes.
Finger curls, plate pinches, thick handled lifts, hex head db holds, etc will all help.
check out for a lot more grip ideas.

Palm a 2.5 pound plate for a number of sets and this will help. I’ve done it and have seen others. It will work.

I take it you mean to grip the plate around its circumference? And to isometrically hold the grip for x seconds?

Great advice, thanks guys!

With practice your figers will actually lengthen! From years of guitar playing the fingers on my left hand are actually longer than those on my right. I have a friend who is an amazing violinist. She has almost 3/4 inch longer left hand fingers! It is freakish!


I’ll go with TC here and actually from the game itself! Personal experience…

TC, you scare me, man! Does this go along with D.Brown??

Really? What is the best thing to to lengthen your fingers?