Can Asafa Powell go faster?

I can see Asafa possibly taking the world record down to around 9.69! You guys may think I’m on something but he is just that talented.He has speed to burn.It would take a perfect race in perfect conditions but it can be done.I would say that Gatlin might only get into the mid 9.7 range at best but that is unbelievable too.The big question is can Asafa back it up in the big championships.Time will tell but injuries will probably be his biggest problems!

Gatlin has huge room for improvement in absolute times as he rarely has good reaction times (see Athens) and hasn’t had too many races with great conditions. If he can get his reaction time down to .12 consistently, he will go sub 9.8 almost guaranteed.

Asafa is great, but where do you think he’s going to make the improvement? He is young and does have a ways to go, but I’m curious where you think he’ll make this improvement (accel, maxv, SE) for the future. I find his start the most interesting as he does not shoot his front arm out, but rather, goes straight into the 90 degree arm action.

Maurice Greene is still the fastest sprinter ever wind considered. Greene in his prime could take down Powell, however seeing as his time is done I think the best Powell will ever do is 9.75. The groin injury will hurt him and he won’t have the speed that we remember him last year having. It’s still gonna be him and Gatlin who will be the top 2, but I could see Gatlin dropping a 9.7x of his own this year.

Did you guys see what I saw in Australia?He ran two 10.03 races while slowly jogging the last 30 meters or so!To say this guy has already hit his peak speed is probably not quite accurate.I agree that health will be an issue,but that is where limited ones races comes in.He will improve his start even more and focus on his drive phase!He needs to be pushed.Asafa needs Gatlin to push him eventually into the 9.6 range.It just might happen!

thats it. no further comment

I don’t know why anytime somebody is talking about Asafa, his WR and his limits people start to talk about Gatlin and Greene :wink:

As long as no new records are set PBs are:
Powell: 9.77
Greene: 9.79
Gatlin 9.85

If everything works out fine for him he surely can improve and run into regions no man has run yet - but running at speeds of 12 m/s careers can end very fast (for various reasons)…let’s hope the best for him…

Justin Gatlin is gonna upset afew people.

People go on about Asafa Powell as if he is some god. His topend speed dose’nt touch a prime time Maurice Greene’s.

Greene’s 9.79 is still the fastest 100m run in history if you look at it statically, Greene has 3 of the worlds fastest times ever!!.

Personally if Gatlin gets his frist 40m, blazing. Which i think he can, Powell is beatible. Because i think Justin Gatlin could edge powell in topend speed.

Asafa Powell is running a complete race, good start, good speed maintience. But Justin Gatlin is not, he’s running a Donovan Bailey/Carl Lewis type sh*t. And thats not gonna work against Powell. Your not gonna beat Powell from behind.

Powell ran 10.03, but it was’nt easy by no means, it was’nt a jog in the park so lets not get carried away. He was in 9.98 shape, in them Games.

Justin Gatlin just needs to bring the first half of his race up to standard with the second half.

then its show time

good analisys of mr shumon
for Greene: he ran his best race in edmonton (60s in 6"33) with head wind
without injury and with a tail wind he could run in 9"65-9"67

Does anyone here know when Asafa will race next?I’m assuming maybe a tuneup or two in his home country but I haven’t heard anything.Thanks guys.

gatlin and asafa may meet this year at some african meet so hopefully it will be a good race