can 50 yard sprints build hamstrings and get me lean

i read on t-nation that 50 yard sprints will build upper hamstrings and get rid of gluteal fold. first you run ten 25 yard sprints with 60 seconds rest and rest for ten minutes and repeat it again each week you add 5 yards to it until your doing 20 50 yard sprints. I tried this 2 days ago and my abs, hamstrings,upper back,and chest are sore i did it only one time and I see a big difference in my leg development and my abs and lost bodyfat since then, i have never experience anything like that from weight training though,has anyone else experienced anything like this from short sprints?

Sprints will definitely hit your hamstrings pretty hard. tonnes of other benefits too including fat loss.

yea i’ll be replacing one leg workout with sprints