Calvin Johnson Pro Day Details:

He is really something special if he runs a 4.35 40 at the combine in someone else’s shoes. Real explosive at 6’5, 235. He will be an instant threat in the NFL when he gets the ball.

Maybe! Doubtless he had a great college career; thus how he runs routes, catches the ball, and runs after the catch tells me more than how fast he runs in an unobtructed straight line, starting whenever he feels like it.

I think the combine is an almost complete waste of time in assessing whether these young men can play professional ball. I enjoy looking at the numbers because I like seeing what the latest genetic freaks can do, but those are just numbers.

He also runs good routes and can catch the ball real well. He could have been an even bigger threat at GT is they had a different QB than Reggie Ball. He overthrew CJ too much. CJ wasnt known for his speed before he entered the combine, he was known for his big play abilities. He could have ran a 4.6 and still be the number one WR in the draft this year. When he ran that 4.35 in someone else’s shoes, that just proved that he was an even bigger freak than everyone thought he was.

Having watched Tech for years, I think the one point of valid criticism against CJ that I’ve read is he does have a tendency to drop some very easy passes. He certainly makes more than his share of spectacular plays but he drops some very easy passes, at times. I’m probably just splitting hairs here, as are the nfl scouts, but it is a valid point, I believe.

I feel sure he will correct this since besides being a physical standout, he is, by all the accounts I’ve seen, a high character guy. He is said to be very humble and to possess an outstanding work ethic. He’s the kind of guy that I believe will actually take the term “being professional” to heart.

i dont know about that, his hands are the on the level of larry fitzgerald-great.

He also said to be a T.O. and Randy Moss/Marvin Harrison. Same qualities as T.O. and Moss, but does not have the mouth or attitude like those guys. And Marvin Harrison is a great WR who shuts his mouth.

whats wrong with a lil attitude?

Well, I guess there is another reason why Harrison doesnt have an attitude. And the reason for that is because he has a flawless QB.

I don’t know why people make such a big deal about the someone else’s shoes thing. Monty ran a PR in someone else’s shoes. Deion ran 4.2 in sweat pants. I ran 4.7 in a baseball cap…

I do, as I’ve watched a lot of their games.

He drops some easy balls but not a large amount.

Ive noticed that in a couple of games too, like the WF game.

maybe bc his qb is shitty.

i agree its not like the shoes were a size 6 or 22, they had to be nice fit/comfortable.

But despite that I still think he might be a very good player. That’s definitely something that can be overcome with improved focus/concentration, etc. I hope so too, seems like a good guy.

Ball was obviously not a good qb but at times even he could throw it well.

CJ dropped easy balls thrown right to him.

Wasn’t Ball academically ineligible for the bowl game? Those occasional dropped passes is really something that can be fixed.

Yep and Bennett came in and played pretty well too.

Nothing, except when the player’s attitude carries over to the destruction of THEIR OWN team.

Randy Moss was ridiculous back in the day, but in the end even talent can’t win it without team chemistry…and with Gary Anderson missing his only FG of the year… :wink:

Being a good teammate is important.

Roy Williams of the Lions drops balls too, it happens. It’s a balance between big plays and plays that should have been. No one is perfect catching balls. His hands issue has yet (I have nor read or heard recently) to come up. He will be a top 10 draft pick, Jarrett from USC probably won’t.