Calf Sizes & Speed

Hi Everyone,
i´m doing a research and i need some athletes data.
I´m not sure yet “What Theory is this about”,
just what they ( coachs and Docs ) ask me first, was some
information from 100m sprinters and they told me that the results & conclusions will be very interesting.

a) What is your Calf size - larger portion circumference (relaxed and 90º angle knee).
b) What is your 100m PB Time.
c) When do you started to train ( 100m specific ).
d) What is your height ?
e) What is your weight ?

Well, i´ll start with mine:
a) 40cm
b) 11.15s
c) 7 Months
d) 1.83m
e) 75kg


a.) 42 cm
b.) 10.94 s (fat)
c.) LJ for 7 years, 100m for 1 year
d.) 1.81 m
e.) 84 kg

Tks Newton,
that´s why you´re Newton,
you like a research right :wink:

A) 35 cm
b) 11.90 FAT
c) since February
d) 173 cm
e) 69 kilos :smiley:

you´re almost part of my group train,
so, we have to start to compete.
Where you want to be my first competitor ?
69 is too much for your age and your height,
you must be weighting about 67 or 68 to beat me…
So, do your job !!

Tks for help me with this research.

These figures look strange, your 6 feet tall and weight only 75kg yet you have 40cm calves. Are you a tall skinny guy with large calf’s?

That´s right,
you get the point !!!
you are fast !!!

Tks anyway

i´m a tall skinny white guy with stronger and big legs.

a) 38.0cm
b) 11.37s
c) 2 years (7 months CFTS)
d) 1.75m
e) 67.5kg

Note 1 : I still have measurements I took on September 22, 2002 when I started basic weight training : 36.0cm. So in two years it’s increased 2 cm. just through sprint training and probably cross over from cleans and squats.

Note 2 : Never done any type of weights work for calfs (calf raises, etc).

a) 37 cm
b) 11.50 FAT
c) err…not, 200/400 runner :smiley:
d) 1.85
e) 67 kg

In 1995

b)7.12 in 60m.
c)2 years ago (from 1995).
d)5’ 8

1.2seconds For The Last 20 Metres Are You Sure? Considering That From 60 - 80 It Takes You 2.15

Hi Rocker,
i didn´t see your information here,
btw, are you asking about the PB Targets ?

a) 16"
b) 11.2
c) last year
d) 6’2"
e) 175lbs

  1. 40 cm.
  2. 10.8 (hand time)
  3. 5 months
  4. 1.75 m.
  5. 152 lbs.
  1. 33cm
  2. 11.11
  3. 4 months
  4. 1.75m
  5. 68kg

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Flying !!!
So, you think an airplane is slow when he is flying ?! :smiley:

Ok, i took the data and showed to my “coach”…
then he told me the results of the research,
and he confirme what he was thinking about for 13 years;

If you are black, better you be a “little calf and a skinny shin”…
if you wanna be a good white sprinter, better you have big calfs and skinny shin…
He ask me too 5 pictures from 5 fast white guys
then he proof me that he was right about the white guys
then he ask me the pictures from the 3 last WR guys
and proof again that he was right.

So, if you are on the list above,
better you run my friend,
because i´m a white guy with very very skinny shins…

I’m a white boy and my friends used to joke that i have the legs of black sprinters. Big thighs (24 inches), calves (16.5 inches), and very small ankles. I could almost wrap my fingers around them. I’m only about 5’8" . No idea how fast i run in 100M or 40 yard dash for that matter (once ran 4.6 with both badly strained hammies). Just that they called me very fast.

Well, you´re a live proof about this…and maybe you should do some tests or talk to a track coach, if you like sprints of course.