Calf muscle size

Is there anyway i can lose the mass on my calves?my calves are huge and i was wondering about it.

Mine are pretty big too, but I don’t think there’s much you can do. I have never done any direct calf work either… I think it is mainly genetic.

yea its very annoying tho, if only they were a little skinnier

If I could I will take your extra-inches of calves and put it on mine :slight_smile:

You know man,we always want what we haven´t :slight_smile: I´ve been all my life trying to put more inches of muscle in my calves.Surely there must be someone who wants a little more of size on his hams,and someone who are trying to loose some size on his glutes,…
all that it is genethycs,and in my experience at the gym work I´ve could learn that it´s too difficult to get that absolut targeted objectives,even in bodybuilders with anabolic treatment.

In general,when you want to loose some size at a determinate muscle,the key use to be on don´t work that muscle at all,but as you can see then you should stop training speed and anyother ankle-extension work,so at least in my honest opinion you should not get worried with that fact.Don´t make any specifical weight work with that group and let it be as your nature have programmed it to be for you as a sprinter :slight_smile:

Hope it helps :o

Ya i’ll definitly take those extra inches and put them on mine.
My calves are TINY. Just skin and bone really and compared to my quads i look totally out of proportion.
thats why i’ve been using BB type method to build up my calves recently. its still not working though…

Its fairly hard to lose muscle mass though especially on one specific area. I presume the best way would be to skip the post workout shake and hope your body will do the rest. problem is it will strip muscle from all over the body not calves.
I reckon you’re just gonna have to work with what you have…

Do you do much tempo work?

Have you tried skipping?

I wouldn’t worry about it you can’t change your genetics. Your body will adapt to your programme. I don’t know a single runner who doesn’t have big calves.

Get the training programme sorted and the body will adjust to optomise your performance for your training programme. If the calves “need” to get smaller they will (at least they may not get bigger!).

Hope this helps a little,


people also say i look “heavy” when i run, anyway to fix this?

almost all good sprinter have big calves. so does it follow that someone with small calves should work them a lot to catch up?
My forearms are bigger than my calves ffs.
does this indicate something missing from my training/technique?

we are all different shapes and don’t need to look like X person to run fast!

amen to that, or else i’d be doomed to be slower than molasses uphill cause i don’t look like ben johnson, maurice green, ato boldon, carl lewis, frankie fredricks…ect.

well i am slower than said molasses.

this might indicate that im not runnning on the balls of my feet enough
maybe working the calves will help some bit

having big quads and tiny calves just doesnt look right either…

i just dislike havin big calves

i aswel have larger calves for a girl…15" they are insain and i never do an exercise just for them directly… i hate them but i have learned to love them. the top of my calves are always so tight and sore and suggestions for loosening them up.

if the new WR holder had massive calfs,would you be satisfied then

Why so much concern with big calves anyway?
I would pay more attention to “developing” the ankles, no?

If you were all told bigger calves meant slower times would you want bigger calves?

I think they are asking exactly the opposite here -how to make them… smaller! :rolleyes:

Nik,whats the point in trying to make calves smaller!

X-man, I’ll be honest with you here; I have no idea!! :slight_smile: (see my last post in page 1, I think).

Edit: or rather I could see a point, but I wouldn’t bother till a much later level of performance -if you can do anything, that is…