Calf injury


It takes alot to increase your calve circumference. I know many bodybuilders who still have sissy calves! Besides you create a weak link and then hope nothing goes wrong, preperation always leads to Victory with very little setbacks!

When I was 16, doctors wanted to slit my calf sheath as there was so much pressure (Mary Slaney had this done)… I blame my mother.
I do train them but somewhat indirectly (cleans, sprints, plyos), nutrition/hydration was my problem

Please expand on what your calve problem was in the first place.

It is done as an extreme measure to release intramuscular pressure.

Would a tens machine work as well?

So to recap. Microstrething (regular 3 x 1 minute calve stretches everyday), Eccentric calve stretches/raises with BW only. EMS at night to flush out achilles, anti-inflam cream or MSM, Contrast Shower, Cryotherapy (ice) after sprinting (ice may will not increase circulation but won’t decrease it much will it? Anyways its good to get rid of any possible swelling).

My achilles flare up when I sprint! My weekly speed session right now is MWF with total volume of 200-300 metres on those days totalling 800 weekly. A typical session is 5x20 falling starts then 5x40 falling starts, another one is 5x20 falling starts then 5x30 falling starts. My achilles flare up during my fifth sprint and get progressively worse untill my tenth rep where I can’t do another one bc the focus shifts to much on pain. Any suggestions?

I quit doing one legged calve raises in September and believe that lack of stretching along with tightened achilles tendon do to heavy calve raises as led me to this predicament!

Cold will constrict the blood vessels you broke during the injury that’s how cold reduces inflamation so it consequently MUST reduce blood flow… (that’s what I’ve picked up on “Icing Recovery”)

Maybe, it is not so much the fact that you were strenghthening your calves that you didn’t get injuries from sprinting, maybe the reason you had few injuries is because you regularly encouraged circulation to you calve muscles by doing excercises… That’s my hypothesis. Maybe light unweighted calve raises etc, would be a good way to promote recovery when the athlete does not have access to an EMS machine, which seems to be a superior method of promoting blood flow to the calves.