Calcium and Recovery

Charlie and Board members,
What is the role of calcium in the region of recovery. I read in CFTS that you (Charlie) used it as a method of regeneration. Any physiological thinking here? Thanks all!

You might want to check this thread out:

This is a quote from 716 in that thread:

"Dear Charlie,

The general rule regarding taking competitive and
antagonistic minerals is to separate them
by two hours. Calcium significantly reduces the
the absorption and utilization of zinc, magnesium,
iron and copper. A study found that taking 600 mg
of calcium together with 15 mg of zinc, reduced
the absorption of the zinc by 50%, compared to
taking zinc alone. In addition, there is a
“teeter-totter” effect that exists between
certain minerals that inhibit the absorption of
each other. Examples are zinc and copper, iron
and zinc, calcium and magnesium, copper and iron,
etc. Explosive strength usually do not need to
take calcium supplements, because intensive
resistance training causes calcium retention.
There are over 100 studies showing that weight
bearing activity causes calcium retention.
The only way to accurately assess calcium status
is by having a bone scan performed. Because of
the homeostatic balance that exists in the blood
serum, if there is not enough calcium in
circulation, then it will be pulled from the bone
and into the blood serum. Most people think that
calcium and magnesium need to be taken together
in a 2 to 1 ratio. This really not the best way to
take calcium and magnesium. It is important to
take them in the proper ratio, however, it is not
the best idea to take them together bacause of
their competitive interaction regarding
absorption. If both minerals are needed, then it
is best to take them at least two hours apart to
maximize the absorption of each. For exmaple, you
could take the calcium at 7 pm and the magnesium
or ZMA at 9 pm. Hope this iformation will be