Calcaneal Bursitis

Anyone know what to do/how to treat this?
Been bugging me since the end of indoor.
Is still not fully gone.
Pain is below the achilles right around where the it inserts to the heel. Feels like a bruise when pressed on.

Quik, I had this…i could have sworn I posted what i had done in a thread on here somewhere…Try a search under my name and see what comes up…

I still get the occassional niggle but nowhere near as severe as whenI first got it back in Novemeber of last year…couldnt get up on the balls of my feet, do hill runs etc…

sounds like what i have, its slowly getting better.

Get a ultrasound, so the degree of bursitis can be assessed. If its mild or minor then the treatment can be much easier to implement. If its advanced then its more difficult.

You may have some calcification of bony tissue on the insertion. Get the scans done. Then you will know what your dealing with.

Quik, this was the thread I was talking about…I hope you can find some use…

By ultrasound do you mean MRI or bonescan or something else?
I pretty much self diagnosed myself and think its minor but lingering. Going to the clubs on the weekends (dancing) I’m sure is not helping it.

Ultrasound, is neither bone scan or MRI. It uses sound pressure frequency at around 20,000 hertz. If you see your local doctor you can get a referral for one. In this part of the world its covered by the public health system, so it doesn’t involve a cost. If you in the US then it may involve a cost but it should be much cheaper then a MRI.

My uncles a doctor. I know he would give me a Rx but where would I go to get one and typically what would it cost since I know my insurance does not cover it.
Also what would it tell me?

If you have a spur, inflamed bursa, or achilles breakdown.

Ok. How do I go about this?
Call radiology at my local hospital and they will tell me if I need an Rx or not?

I dont know how the medical system works in NJ. Just go to your local doc, then they can refer you.

When I was having knee pain, I went and got an MRI, and it didn’t show anything. I believe it was normal with a slighly higher volume of water. The end result was normal. I can definently tell you though, my knee was not normal at the time!

Saw the foot/ankle doctor.
Right away he said I only have 5 degrees of dorsi flexion. Normal is around 15 degrees. This is called “equinus” and can be realted to many problems.
Took xrays which showed no calcium depositions, and no bursal inflamtion.

Diagnosis: Achilles tendonitis at the insertion as

well as hanglund defromity due to lack of ROM.
Treament: Stretching of Gastroc, Soleus, and Achilles with the basica typical stretches. After stretcing the pain actual does go away a bit.

Good too see that you got it checked out properly. It would have been a major problem if you had achilles calcification at the insertion point of the calcaneous. In your case the achilles problems stemmed from limited ROM, this can be improved with static stretching. Hold the stretches for 30s, repeat twice daily. You should add some calf work, to increase strength in the new range.

Thanks for the advice.
I plan to stretch a bunch more than that actually. Hopefully this goes away soon so I can start training no later than mid october.

Regarding strength work with the calfs I was thinking about holding off until the problem is fully gone. Reason why is because I think this may tighten it back up. I think the problem started from my programming this year which I was training in spikes 3-4 times per week with a decent amount of volume (int. tempo mostly.)
I think that strengthen my lower legs a ton and I never really stretched them. My times improved but this problem happened in April and lasted throught the outdoor season.
Any other comments or advice?

You can do 1 set of double leg calf raises through a full ROM. If have a subsequent tightness then you can introduce them later.