bush 4.33e

bush ran 4.33e, 40.5vj 10.9lj

Really, not what I expected but still good numbers.


Matt Leinart had a 37"vert, pretty impressive for a QB.

I wish Lendale white would have ran.

Gee! The President’s in better shape than I thought!

What were you expecting?? Those numbers are damn impressive if you ask me. If I’m not mistaken, the NFL Combine record is 4.28; he’s not far off! Leinart with a 37" vert, now that is impressive. Studs!


According to some sources Bush ran closer to 4.4 on the scouts hand times on a track. While his times are impressive, they are not as impressive as the numbers Maurice Drew put up at the combine on field turf with 1 month less to prepare. If he did run a 4.40 his time will likely end up being officially recorded closer to 4.50 as scouts will generally add time to 40’s run on a fast track to try to correlate them to grass.

Leinarts vertical (and all of them done there) were probably done with a two hand reach so you might as well deduct 5-6" off that to get a more accurate vj number.

So now the scouts are more accurate than the electronic timing… :rolleyes: Maybe they could try GASP an electronic 40 on turf!

They showed Bush’s 40 and VJ on ESPN. His 40 was blazing. If these people really wanna compare apples to apples, put 8 guys on a freakin track and run the damn 40 with a called start. Then they’ll know who’s faster and they’ll probably get faster times due to the competition and everyone will be happy (except the guys who lose :slight_smile: )

Deduct 5"-6" for a two arm reach? Maybe about 3"

Practice running away from disasters can also improve the 40 yd time.

The verticals were done with a two hand reach.

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They do use electronic (not FAT) timing on turf at the combine and the scouts’ hand times that are reported on the master report are generally very close (usually within .05) to the electronic times. The problem is, they don’t get to compare apples to apples. If you’re fast, you’re fast. Problem is that the combine is on Field Turf. Not everyone goes to or runs at the combine. At pro days, some are run on a track, some are run on astroturf, some are run on field turf, some are run outside when its 45 degrees and windy. That would be great to just line everyone up and race, but that also isn’t practical. They have to take these factors into consideration and are trying to put everyone’s numbers on a level field.

5-6" is nowhere near unbelievable if someone is “coached” on their reach. I can deduct close to 3" on my one arm reach just by pulling my shoulder downward.

BUsh is also 220 lbs is he not? WHich makes that time even more impressive!

no he is 202. I think Ronnie Brown’s stats from last year were the most Impressive that Ive ever seen. he was 6-0, 233, ran a 4.43, Id love to have him in a backfield if I was a coach.

same w/ reggie, but reggie is very explosive.

what u mean two hand reach

they were done with one hand.the jumps were on espn.

Yeah - Bush is 202lbs man. Get your head out of Darth Vader’s butt.

reach measured with 2 hands, then the jump measured with one hand, they then deduct the difference to get the VJ figure

doing this adds at least a 3 inches to a proper standing VJ. More with guys who are taller and have wider shoulders, and more flexible reach…

so all these 40 inch combine VJ are suddenly no more than 37 inches, and possibly only in the 34-37 range…

i never did a 2 arm reach and not all scouts do that.

what so now some people do it, and some don’t? WTF talk about standardisation problems :eek:

They do it at the NFL combine and just about all the others AFAIK

reach measured with 2 hands

then they jump with one hand…note how much higher that reaching shoulder goes up vs the neck area…instant VJ inflation…
Plus you can twist your body in all sort of ways to reach even higher…

Drew ran a 4.39; Bush ran a 4.33 Fat time.
Drew benched 225 18 times Bush 24 times.
Drew Vt jump 39 in, Bush 40.5.

How you can of say Drew performed better than Bush on these tests is confusing, the results speak for themself; oh and buy the way the real test is on the field and Bush won that one as well? (1700plus yars) and oh almost forgot Heisman Trophy? so you in the pro’s.

you need to chill ur ass down SON…