Bumper Plates?

Hey Guys and Girls,
Does anyone of you know where I can buy 2 45-55 lb. bumper plates? I’m asking because the director of athletics in my school just banned me from deadlifting at our gym because: 1) it scares the shit out of people when I drop the weights; 2) I make a dent on the layers of pads. I live in a boarding school so…

Here’s my email to him:
[i]Dear Sir:
I need to deadlift heavy. I can’t live without deadlifting heavy. Heavy lifts develop maximal motor-unit recruitment and increases the inhibition threshold of Golgi Tendon Organ and Muscle Spindle. It prepares the body to handle huge forces encountered during a sprint. Overall, it develops strength potential and thus impacts power development as well–very important for a genetically average guy like me.
How about I just slow down the acceleration during the eccentric phase of the lift. and just lift at night when I’m alone? In that way, 1) People lifting foo-foo weights won’t get scared, and 2) No damage to the pads =). Would this work?
If it does not, 1) I (or the school) could buy rubber-plated Olympic 45 lb weights to lessen the impact.
2) I could buy my own pads.
3) I could go to another gym where [my friend] works.
Please kindly look over and consider my options.

Thank you,
Wu Gong Heng[/i]
He liked option 1.
So do you guys know where I can buy bumper plates for the best price?

Wu Gong Heng =)

York Barbell sells some pretty reasonably priced. Bigger Faster Stronger also does. Shipping will kill ya, but I guess it depends on your budget?

How much are you lifting to dent the floor?

The cement floor (that is carpeted) isn’t dented. It’s only the pads that I use which get dented… I just deadlifted 305 12 times last wednesday. This wednesday I’m going for 310. I like dropping them though… It’s fun. =P

Thanks SpeedKills!

I’m gonna check them out. I am only thinking of buying a pair of 45 or 55 pounder bumper plates for now. I’m gonna try to get the school to buy it…If that doesn’t work… then we’ll see if I can =P Do you think they (York, etc) sell them by pieces?

Thanks again,
Wu Gong Heng


Ironmind is pretty damn reasonable. You could always try york barbell direct (or any other distributor for that matter) because sometimes they have specials on damaged/less than perfect bumpers. Or call around your area and see if any gyms/schools are updating facilities and see if they are willing to let go of any. For the best deal, you’ve got to do the leg work. Have a bake sale for bumpers if you have to :slight_smile: