Bulknutrition/1fast400 customer service

I first learned about BN/1fast400 from here and noticed that their prices were pretty good. It seemed like a lot of people had ordered from there so I thought I would give it a shot.

I placed an order on 6/12 for 2 items that were both in stock that day (or at least it said so on the website.) That was a friday and all that weekend they were still listed as in stock.

Status for the order was changed from received to processing on 6/15 and the items were still listed as in stock.

6/16 I received an email saying that both items were now backordered but that a shipment was expected within 3 days and my order would be filled and shipped.

6/20 I sent an email to one of the 4 addresses listed on their website looking for an update. No reply so far.

6/22 I sent an email to a different address of the 4 and no reply so far.

I am not really upset about the backorder, I know these things happen. What I am more upset about is no updates and no response when I try to contact them. Has anyone here had any issues ordering from them?

I have never had order issues. I hav had stuff back ordered but the send out the half that isnt and the back ordered stuff comes soon after. I buy dam near all my supps from them. I have been for years. Sometimes they throw in some free stuff with my backorder if the wait is long. I never tried to contact them. You should call them and see if that works.

As an update I did just talk to them over the phone and everything is taken care of.

I called in the morning, left a voicemail then received a return call this afternoon. The items I ordered are still backordered but he upgraded my shipping so once they are in I will get the order quicker.

Yeah, it was actually some of your posts where I learned about them in the first place. Thanks

Hapy I can be of service!