Bolt nixes NFL race

Pierrejean, none of those times are from the NFL Combine. The Combine tends to produce slower times than Pro Days or coach reported times as listed above.

I used only one source for the 40y times in order to make fair comparison

Well we will see soon enough what Spiller, Ford and maybe Holliday do at the Combine. Should be interesting.

Spiller isn’t in stellar shape, it seems (track/speed shape, that is). He ran 6.65 SB last year and a bunch of 6.7s. Reminiscent of the often cited Jamaal Charles.

I do not understand how someone can trust combine timing…it has manual start!!It means that there is a chance that 4.40 is faster than a 4.32, for example…really do not understand.For sure 4.5 and 4.3 are always differente…but nothing more imho.

Clay is the man!! I know where he trains, last I know he trains at Azuza pacific Univ. A few speedsters I knew went to that expensive school. One had a pr of 9.9 and the other had a pr of 10.2/20.5. This was back around 2004ish when Coby Miller use to train at our facility’s.

Why Johnson challenged Bolt? Because he knows he’s faster than Bolt on grass through to 40 y out of no blocks, the way the guys accellerate in american football. Everyone on this site would have run against Bolt just for mere pleasure even if their pb 15 sec in 100’s. Bolt will never race anyone that way because the chanches him fail are pretty high.

Charlie F your 2 cents???

Right on bro, on grass and no blocks it would be much closer then most people think. CJ2K!!

So chris wants to dumb down the race so that he has a fighting chance. He doesnt want the race on equal terms. Smart I guess. He probably also wants to race bolt with cleats on but none for bolt in the rain on a field with uncut grass.
He needs to worry about beating the incoming class.

If it’s you on avatar of yours you’re running very wrong

lmao…yea ok

Bolt holds all cards so:
It would not be on grass and it would not be done in a way that would let Johnson get a jump on the start.
In fact, it wouldn’t happen at all because no one is interested enough to put money up to see a match between a guy who runs 9.58 against a guy who runs 10.30 something.

Bolt holds cards in the eyes of a regular Joe. If there is to be a floating video with the x factor beating that Bolt guy through to 40y it would circle the planet around a thousand times, that is what Johnson wants to. It’s all about who is the 1’st! What matters is the video to be floating around with the unknown x factor clearly finishing ahead of Bolt. What it would matter is the 2’nd question. You know people normally don’t hang around carrying the blocks. The even surface, camera and that’s it, simple as that…
And now you say it will not be on grass and no blocks? Money?

I don’t understand why Bolt’s acceleration would be more drastically different on grass than Chris Johnson’s would be on a track…

As in, Johnson would somehow make up distance between the two simply because they are on grass, even if he is much much slower on a track.

Let me throw some questions out:

Would Johnson’s 40 yard dash be faster on grass in cleats OR on a track with spikes?

Wouldn’t it make sense that the amount Johnson is slowed by grass is just about the same as Bolt is?
Especially considering that Bolt IS used to running on grass, considering that he trains on it all the time?

Do you really trust manual 40 times?

Couldn’t someone throw out the same ridiculous arguments about “things are different on grass without blocks!!!” and state that Orlando Pace or Joe Thomas (Browns) could beat Bolt on grass without blocks with the same degree of objective justification (that is, none)?

Do you think that, just maybe, seeing Chris Johnson make a nice cutback on an Inside Zone play from I-formation and outrun a bunch of linebackers who are almost certainly 10.9-11.4 100 meter guys isn’t quite the same as witnessing the fastest guy in the world??

Bolt is the fastest human… ever.

I am still laughing at the prospect of Chris Johnson having a chance.

Think of it like this, Justin King ran 4.31 at the combine. Just slightly slower than Chris Johnson and one of the fastest times ever run. His 100m PR from high school (competed from his freshman through junior year of high school and in middle school as well) is 10.94. He lived in the same area as me. He had multiple times, in good conditions, over 11 seconds. Darrin Walls, the #1 CB prospect out of high school, broke 11 one time under suspicious conditions and only qualified for his state meet after a DQ (ran 11.36 to qualify).

Here is what 9.58 vs 10.3x looks like:

I think that video gives more credit to a 10.3x at 40yards than it deserves. Patton’s start wasn’t horrible (just bad), but the 2nd half of his race was awful.

Thats if chris can even run 10.3 anymore. He may crap out after 40 and run

Grass or even water, does not matter! Bolt grew up training on grass. I reckon he is so fast he could run on water!

G, just imagine, maybe Johnson could challenge Bolt over 6.25m? I’ve heard he is so fast over that distance :slight_smile:

The guy could not break 10.20 even if he was to train specifically for it. At 40m Bolt would do this one to him;