Building up to eccentrics?

is it safe/effective to super-max training if i’m not really that strong, and have been doing fast movement (jump squats) for quite a while

i’ve heard that you need to build up to it. like do squats with a negetive 3 sec. count. then build all the way up to 8-10 sec count until i’m not sore with that. then it is ok to do super-max.

is super-max the best eccentric type training? i’ve heard of ohter kinds but don’t know how to do them. what one well help the best at getting a higher vert/sprint time


I would think that supramaximal eccentrics, or more than your full lift max, is the best way to do eccentric training because it recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers.

I would like to hear more on this subject.

I read that eccentric training increases the tension on a single muscle fiber something like 1.2x what it would normally be, yet recruits less muscle fibers than concentrically moving a load. I believe this was a poliquin reference to…anyone has the time to look it up?

eccentric actions only load fast twitch fibres and motor units, so yes it loads fewer fibres and motor units, but it loads the big ones with a high capacity for speed and strength exhibition.

The following information, regarding eccentrics, is by Tom Myslinksi:

1-What is the focus of your training block or ME exercise? The emphasis trained first will have the greatest residual or training effect.

2-Max, sub-max, or overspeed eccentrics? This will make a difference. Max and over-speed eccentric actions will fatige the CNS quicker than concentrics. The greatest forces occur during eccentrics.

3-Eccentrics use the lowest amount of mechanical energy (less metabolically demanding) followed by isometrics and then concentrics. Why? The rate of ATP splitting is low and yielding work isn’t utilized in chemical reactions (4x lower than isometrics). As eccentric forces increase (over-speed eccentrics & max), mechanical energy increases (approximately equal to isometrics but still cheaper than concentrics).

4-During eccentrics and concentrics, EMG magnitude is similiar but motor unit behavior is different. High threshold mu’s are preferrably recruited more extensively in eccentrics and with lower spike rates. Therefore, during eccentrics fewer active muscle fibers (as a cumulative) are participating so each active fiber receives more stress. This creates DOMS or the delayed onset of muscle soreness you feel after performing eccentrics.

5-Lastly, the Eccentric regime is the quickest adapting muscle contraction, it also has the highest rate of cross-education (limb to limb), and is a great neural primer.

6-Supra-max loads of eccentrics (increasing the mass not the velocity, as in overspeed eccentrics) are irrelevant to the athletes. This degree of tension isn’t produced during the eccentric phases of normal sporting movements. Also, new research overseas (where else!) is investigating that supra-max eccentrics will increase one’s EMD (stimulus to response or reaction time). This is major NO-NO in athletics.

Is this true and how does it??? Maybe does it increase reaction time if supra-max eccentrics are the ONLY type of strength training done for a LONG time?

why would reaction time be a bad thing in athletics? does this mean starting-block reaction time, or the time it takes your body to react to a new method of training?

has anyone here done super-max and had success/failure from them? if so what do you do before them (build up to them, or just do them)?


Here’s something about eccentrics and its effects:

They used 7 sets of 5 max eccentrics…a little too much probably.

EMD is (I believe) electro-mechanical delay. Increasing it would be bad.

The only things I’m finding say that EMD’s are shorter with more fast-twitch.
Eccentrics recruit more fast-twitch. Why would eccentrics increase EMD then?

do any trainers have an opinion on this on what works for them?

I know CT has provided a program he used where eccentric strength was the focus, but really I think you do not do other means of training(plyometric, high RFD, and other exercises to increase force application) is when it could be detrimental.

so if your making an eccentric based program, it should only be eccentric? i shouldn’t do plyos or explosive lifts along with it? why would it be bad to do that? what if i did them in three different days during the week?

btw who is CT?

no no im saying you need the other components for it to be effective. Christian Thibaudeau(sp?). Ie one day you have a concentric strength focused session, next an eccentric strength focused session, then next an explosive strength focused session.

The only things I’m finding say that EMD’s are shorter with more fast-twitch.
Eccentrics recruit more fast-twitch. Why would eccentrics increase EMD then?

Probably because eccentrics cause more damage and protein degradation which obviously takes time to recover from.